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    Unblocked now.
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    Last installment of our scottish trip:
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    Scotland Bushcraft part 3

    Here is the final installment of our trip to scotland. Enjoy:
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    Bushcraft in Scotland Part 2

    Loch Pityoulish. Nice loch, lots of ticks where we were though.
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    Bushcraft in Scotland Part 2

    Bushcraft in Scotland part 2
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    What happens when I left the shire for a week. i4ftyzi04ch3vymr20w5u4itc0k
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    Scotland Bushcraft

    Our Bushcraft trip in scotland. Enjoy. ftyzi04ch3vymr20w5u4itc0k
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    Learn floating hands hand drill friction fire

    Here I show you how to do floating hands technique for hand drill friction fire:
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    Bushcraft trip 2 nights out - Video

    It was a couple of trips to the car for things like the dutch oven. Glad you enjoyed the vid, I was so happy on the way it really did show! Had a fantastic weekend that went too fast.
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    Bushcraft trip 2 nights out - Video

    Here is our 2 nights out from last weekend:
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    Broad-leaf dock on clematis hearth hand drill friction fire

    Broad-leaf dock on clematis hearth hand drill friction fire using floating hands and regular pass. jRz89i1gfWdhu0Y_3O0iufsAs9uF7& index=7
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    Cheers Kev. I would love it if they aired it.
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    Canoeing and bushcraft in Scotland

    Here is a vid of last weeks trip to scotland:
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    Hand drill explosion

    This hand drill ember got a little out of hand! Think I was channelling the fire gods. Teasel on clematis.
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    Hi Lewis I organise meets via Would be great to see you there sometime. Thanks Leigh
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    Marsh Samphire foraging

    Hi, It's the season for Marsh Samphire picking. I took a group out today and they loved it. Great fun had by all. If you are thinking of having a try, I have made a short vid on how to ID, collect and cook Marsh Samphire:
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    24 Hour Challege - Survive with just a knife.

    Thanks for watching. I'd say I have a good working knowledge of fungi. Can ID a large number and have eaten many different types. Burdock is in the dock family of rumex if I remember rightly. ive nearly had 1,000 views which is fantastic! Thank you all for your support.
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    I could probably organise Kev. Is that for skolding woods.
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    Dealing with loneliness on a solo trip?

    I don't consider it being alone. The trees talk, the wind whispers, the birds sing.
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    Should do Kev. Plenty of people out there mobility restricted.