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  1. Eragon21

    Ray Mears Northern Wilderness

    Cheers Rik - I'll PM you although I am not working tomorrow if that's any use to you
  2. Eragon21

    hand gouge for spoons

    Excellent stuff - will have a go at something like this myself when my mancave is finished and I can get of with all the "must do", "need to do" and "like to do" projects
  3. Eragon21

    Ray Mears Northern Wilderness

    Rik I would'nt mind having these if they are still available and will pass them on once watched as I vaguely remember watching these when they were on TV. Where are you in South Wales as I am in Aberdare and could pick them up if you are close by. Cheers Gareth
  4. Eragon21

    Pouches. A little twist in the tent!

    That's very nice - like it alot.
  5. Eragon21

    A small clearout! And a wanted list.

    I do like the Gillette No45 Coronation shaving set as I use a safety razor for my everyday shave, I have to have a think of some offers I could make.
  6. Eragon21

    Miguel Nieto Roadrunner

    That is very nice, might be good to add details and maybe a price as its in the for sale section. Unless it's free of course!!!!!!!
  7. Eragon21

    What did you buy today?

    Yesterday I bought but today I picked up a Treadle operated Singer 201k
  8. Eragon21

    Bought a Treadle operated Singer 201k

    Thanks for letting me know as I didn't know that
  9. Eragon21

    Bought a Treadle operated Singer 201k

    Better pic for you
  10. Eragon21

    Bought a Treadle operated Singer 201k

    Not sure if you will see the pics as these are the first I have posted up, hope you can see them!!!
  11. Eragon21

    Bought a Treadle operated Singer 201k

    I am sure I will I am picking it up tomorrow - had for a very reasonable price as well.
  12. Eragon21

    Bought a Treadle operated Singer 201k

    Do they still make them?
  13. Eragon21

    Bought a Treadle operated Singer 201k

    May be something to do in the future - will have to research a quality motor to purchase
  14. Eragon21

    Bought a Treadle operated Singer 201k

    Thanks Tjurved - I thought that it could be done, although I am not sure that I will but atleast the option is there
  15. Eragon21

    Bought a Treadle operated Singer 201k

    Today I bought a Singer 201k (Treadle Operated), for those who know this machine please could you answer a quick question as I have looked on google and it is not immediately obvious if I can or not but can it be converted to run on an electric motor Cheers
  16. Eragon21

    Hi, look forward to meeting everyone :)

    Hi and welcome - on reading your first post I am sure that we would all like to read about your experience of Timecamp 2000 (not heard of this so off to do a bit of research)
  17. Eragon21

    DIY Hex Tarp

    I must commend you on a very well thought out design and execution
  18. Eragon21

    DIY Hex Tarp

    As already said it's a great design - I'll be attempting to make one in the near future with the measurements that you have so kindly posted up for every body to use. I would have said that there is likely to be a decent market for this though.
  19. Eragon21

    Canvas bags!!! The first wave!!!

    I like these a lot your skill is unquestionable and the quality looks fantastic, I have one comment being that the webbing and clip buckles could be swapped out to a leather and belt buckle combination and they would look IMHO even better.
  20. Eragon21

    Fire on Ice. Born of generosity.

    Great report - I enjoyed reading that. Will have to try fire by friction myself this year - Its on the things to do this year list!!!!!