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  1. falling rain

    Bulk order of firesteels

    Hi all, Am after a bulk order of firesteels. Between 50 - 100. Does anyone know a good place to get this quantity?. I'm not after the cheap steels that dont spark very well. I'm after good quality at a good price. Thanks for any help in advance FR
  2. falling rain

    Bushcraft Instructor Insurance

    I've been lucky enough to have been given some work recently for various places like colleges and a big company in UK - I must get some good bushcraft Instructor Insurance so can anyone recommend a good reliable and most of all 'Straight' company to go with for Bushcraft/outdoor Insurance. I DO...
  3. falling rain

    Does it really work? Plant remedies and your actual experinces.

    There's lots of remedies offered and reccomended in various books but I'd be interested in anything folks have actually tried and actually had a result from. To kick off I can say the 'plantains' definately work for insect/midge/nettle stings and bites. It's excellent. I had my ankles ravaged by...
  4. falling rain

    Boiling water for drinking

    There's been lots of adverts on TV for 'water aid' recently. Isn't it possible to provide the money from donations for a large filter system, and then teach the folks that boiling water is very effective and kills pretty much all micro-organisms including Cholera? Anyway I was wondering if...
  5. falling rain

    Best Tree ID book

    I was lucky enough to pick up this book from a charity shop recently. In my humble opinion it's the best tree ID book I've ever come across. (£1:50 by the way - absolute bargain!! :)) There's fantastic images of leaves and and tree shapes in winter and the text is pretty much degree level!! - If...
  6. falling rain

    Free hand leather embossing

    Hi all, I'm making some leather craft items and wondered if anyone can recommend a technique for free-hand embossing (IE not using stamps) I'm fairly new to leatherwork so is there a tool for this or could I use a pyrography pen maybe (don't laugh if that was a ridiculous suggestion!! :)) I...
  7. falling rain

    Sledge making (steam bending)

    I wanted to have a go at making a traditional wooden sledge and was wondering if anyone has advice on steam bending wood for the front runners. I think you can buy steaming machines but I don't want to do that for 1 sledge.......and which wood is best to use? Would apprciate any advice if...
  8. falling rain

    Bushcraft - Makers Craft Fair

    I've been thinking about organising a Bushcrafters craft fair next Easter weekend (2013) and wanted to guage interest. It's very early I know, but I'd need to book the venue soon or it'll be unavailable if someone else books it. It would be in Exmouth Devon at the pavillion. It's a great...
  9. falling rain

    Wooden Owl Call

    I wanted to post a piccie of my latest creation an Owl call - Sounds just like a Tawny Owl and you can actually call an owl over with it (Oi come over here Mr Owl!!!!) seriously though they will actually come over to see who's on their patch.....Excellent. If there's enough interest I'll do a...
  10. falling rain

    A History of Ancient Britain - Neil Oliver

    Just wanted to recommend this book if you're interested in the ancient history of Britain. I really enjoyed it. Neil Oliver is a very intelligent man and he puts it all across in his unique style. If you've watched any of his programmes on TV you can imagine his dark yet enthusiastic voice as...
  11. falling rain

    Creating Fire ancient timelines

    Hello folks I was wondering if anyone had any definate (Of course nothing is definate in ancient history) knowledge of timelines for fire creation I'm interested in (roughly) when the ancestors first used flint & steel (not the Swedish modern steel) but the traditional old fire steel and flint...
  12. falling rain

    Christmas Soldiers poem - Fantastic

    Just got this by e-mail from a friend.......and may god bless them ALL from every service and watch over them this Christmas and always wherever they are serving. British Forces....THE best in the world!!! ...............Please pass on to all your friends T'WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, HE...
  13. falling rain

    Mini feather sticks

    Long time no post!.......... How is everyone? :sadwavey: I'm not a big fan of non-natural tinders. You know..... the belly button fluff, and tumble dryer lint etc, etc. I much prefer finding natural tinders when out and about. The usual suspects like scraped cedar inner bark, birch bark, cramp...
  14. falling rain

    The Moneyless man - Book

    Not posted for a while, so hello again one and all. I recently read a book called 'the Moneyless man' about a chap who lived for a year using no money. I wondered if anyone else had read it and what are your thoughts. I believe he's continued living with no money after the year finished...
  15. falling rain

    Seth Lakeman

    Is anyone else into Seth Lakeman? Yeah............. I know, I know I did the who likes the best Queen Album. Freddie was a fine figure of a man, a great loss and not to mention his fantastic lyrics. Is anyone into Seth Lakeman? I love it. Great lyrics, expert instrumentals. Good alround...
  16. falling rain

    Bracket fungus tinder

    I found a nice bracket fungus growing on a birch tree today whilst out for a walk. It's quite fresh looking and white. Something I've never tried is using it for tinder. Can anyone tell me the process of drying etc. Do I cut it up into pieces and let it dry naturally, or stick it in the oven...
  17. falling rain

    Hobo hand fishing line - competition

    Is anyone up for a hobo handline making competition. For those who don't know we've done similar things in the past with a fold down bucksaw and berry picker. See here for an idea, but feel free to make it to your own design. Anyone up for it? :)
  18. falling rain

    Nomination for best Queen album

    Mines Queen II ..............take a look out! Yes I've had a beer and Ogre battle, and the fairy fellers master stroke.........
  19. falling rain

    Making some extra dosh!

    I thought it would be an idea to have a chat about making a bit of extra money. Times are hard in the recession and Chrimbo is just around the corner. I've been making a few quid recently by various methods (all legal I may add) so I thought I'd share my triumphs to inspire others and...
  20. falling rain

    Karaoke favourites

    I've just heard 'I shot the sheriff' by Eric Clapton on R2. It reminded me of my time in Japan when I used to make a spectacle of myself at Karaoke. It was one of my favourites and usually got a clap................ No at the back... got A clap NOT got THE clap, However I once tried 'patience'...