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    Bug netting

    Hi Everyone :) Well after posting a thread a week ago, regarding a snugpak jungle hammock's mosquito netting, and if it would stop midges and getting no reply, I asked around a few more places and got an anwser :), so i'll post what I found here incase anyone was wondering what holes per...
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    Snugpack Jungle hammock

    Snugpack Jungle Hammock was thinking about buying this hammock, it packs down nice and small, and takes a good amount of weight, the only thing i'm not sure on is the quality of the net, the description it gives is. "The mosquito net is made from 20D Polyester with 1000 mesh per square inch...
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    good morning all

    Hi all, As my username gives away, i'm from Bristol and my name is Gavin :beerchug: i'm a keen carp angler and looking to venture out into the wild camping world, forum seams a great place to find information, while speaking to like minded people. Hope you all have a top day! Gav :)