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    Cannot Invite Member to Group?

    Hi All, I am trying to invite a newly joined member to a group, but I receive the message: 'This user is not allowed to join Groups'. Any ideas why this may be so? Kind regards, Matthew.
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    Lidl Bench Grinder/Sander Heads Up

    For those that fancy chancing their hand at some home grinding and sanding, I notice that Lidl are doing a bench grinder with sander belt from Monday (27th) for only £29.99
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    German Army Cold Weather Fleece-Lined Trousers

    Hi All, Just wondering whether anyone has experience of and opinion on the German Army Fleece-Lined Trousers such as those available here: ...and here...
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    Can Anyone Recommend a Cheap Air Mattress?

    Hi All, I'm a ground sleeper and use an OK self-inflatable mattress which is comfortable, but bulky and won't fit in my pack. There's no room to strap it onto the outside of my pack and I don't like carrying it separately, so I'm now looking for a sleeping option which can fit neatly inside...
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    Bushmoot Vs Wilderness Gathering

    Hi All, The post title might suggest that I am being provocative, but actually I am just trying to weigh up the relative merits of each of these events as (before you suggest visiting both:)) I will only be able to attend one of them in 2015. I wonder if anyone who has had the good fortune to...
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    Berkshire Bodgers - Green Woodworking Group

    Hi All, For those crafty people amongst us, I just wanted to plug the Berkshire Bodgers who meet at Little Hidden Farm near Hungerford on the last Sunday of each month (from about 10.45ish) to partake in various green woodworking activitie - pole lathe turning, spoon and bowl making amongst...
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    Craft Group Ad

    Hi All, With regards to forum etiquette, is it acceptable to post an 'ad' for a local informal craft group in the 'Crafts and DIY' thread? It's not a commercial enterprise - they only charge £1 to cover the tea and coffee. If not, is there an appropriate section for this sort of thing...
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    It's Crazy...But It Just Might Work

    Hi All, As an inveterate bodger I'm always looking out for great and simple ideas where someone has put together something quite cool to use in the woods from bits of tat. So, I thought I'd start a thread where we can share this kind of thing... Tin Foil and Cardboard Portable Oven...
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    Historical Soldier's Kit

    Hi All, Forgive me if this has already been posted, but I noticed the following article and thought it was interesting: There's a link to a list of the kit...
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    Berkshire & Wiltshire Bushcrafters Camp (Pic Heavy)

    Hi All, Hopefully as pre-cursor to a regular meet, a small group of intrepid chaps from Berkshire & Wiltshire held an experimental camp on Friday and Saturday night. I took a few pics: The Gang From left to right Jim, Myself, Kevin, and Tom: The Camp Jim's setup: Tom's...
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    The Show Us Your Stupidly Large Pack Thread

    Hi All, Preparing for a camp out this weekend and I am aghast at the sheer size of the pack that I will be lugging and wondered whether anyone carries something so laughably large and unwieldy: Somewhere underneath the sleeping bag (in Czech army bedroll bag) at the bottom, and the...
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    Luxe Mini Peak II

    Hi All, Does anyone have one of these lovelies that they wouldn't mind parting with? Kind regards, Matt.
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    Cheap Knock-Off Chinese Knives

    Hello, Anyone bought an 'OEM' knife from Ali or similar such as: Any good? Go on 'fess up:-). Cheers, Matt.
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    Timberland Boots?

    Hi All, My old Gelert boots have been surprisingly good, but are now looking decidedly tired and I have one eye out for some cheap replacements. I was in my local charity shop yesterday and saw some Timberland hiking boots in v.g.c. for £9.99. I tried them on and they were very comfortable...
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    Change Thread Title

    Hi, I would like to change the title of a thread which I created, to indicate that a group buy is now closed to new orders. Is there a way I can do this or can a mod do this for me? Kind regards, Matt.
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    Total Access Online

    Hi All, Has anyone anhy experience of ordering from these guys?: Some nice prices, especially in their bargain basement, if they are a bit specialist. Cheers, Matt
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    Aqua-Quest 'West Coast' Bivi Tent & Tarp

    Hi All, has anyone come across one of these before: ...? I'm looking for a lightweight/compact tent which is very quick to erect and stow. It must have a sewn-in...
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    Attaching Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi, Does anyone know whether it's possible to attach a MS Excel spreadsheet on a post, or do I need to use a link to a public download space such as Dropbox? Kind regards, Matt.
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    Norsewear of NZ Ghillie/Waistcoat: Spotted in Charity Shop

    Hi All, I was bimbling around Maidenhead at lunchtime today and saw a decent waistcoat that would seem to suit bushcraft use if anyone's interested. It's by Norsewear of New Zealand. It's a waxed/canvas type material outer with a fleece liner. The back is cut long so that it cover's you...
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    Rigging a Cheap Tarp?

    Hi All, Has anyone any tips of rigging a general purpose tarp of the woven pvc type, i.e one without ridge-line loops and just eyelets? I have bought one to use as work area and secondary cover for my tent. There's loads of info on rigging a proper camp/expedition tarp but I couldn't find...