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  1. Tracker NTS-054

    Broken firesteel :(

    Hi all, I recently received a lovely firesteel in a trade on here. It was beautifully made and threw consistent sparks: I spent about 15 minutes playing with it and: Although disappointed, I realised the larger section was still large enough to make sparks no problem albeit...
  2. Tracker NTS-054

    Up for swaps:

    Hi all, I have up for swaps: -SWAPPED! ray mears Laplander saw leather belt sheath. RRP £50 -- TRADE value £30 NOW £25. Slightly used never abused... Swapping it because I never wear much on my belt and it always ended up inside the rucksack just becoming a burden when I wanted my saw...
  3. Tracker NTS-054

    What do you want from a tracking book?

    Hi all, Just taking the time to get some opinions about what people would like from a tracking book- I was especially wondering if there was much interest on here.. I.e. Tracking theory/procedures and drills/how to train/ anecdotes and stories/ a field guide/ tom brown type spiritual...
  4. Tracker NTS-054

    Fat wood

    Hi all, I recently saw a thread named 'fat wood group buy' so I thought I'd take some time off revising to hopefully share something useful.. There's no need to buy fat wood, especially after last winter! Fat wood is essentially resinous wood, commonly pine. All you need to do is take a bacho...
  5. Tracker NTS-054

    Glogg stainless steel bottles

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with these? I've seen them pop up discussions on here a few times and fancy getting one for boiling water in on the go, as part of a lightweight kit :) Cheers!
  6. Tracker NTS-054

    A knife, an axe, a saw.

    Evening all, I'm bored stuck at home and thought I'd play devils advocate ;) Part a) If you had to choose one of the listed tools (knife/axe/saw) to take with you into the woods with the rest of your gear, which would it be? Now is where it could get interesting: Part b)...
  7. Tracker NTS-054

    Should I be ashamed? Or am I paranoid?

    Hi all, hope your enjoying the start of spring, and the nicer weather, I have 3 GB axes, the hand hatchet, the wildlife hatchet and the small forest axe. I love them all dearly and care for them like newborns and they have NEVER let me down. Not once. However, on the latter two axes, I...
  8. Tracker NTS-054

    Boiling water in a Klean Kanteen

    Hi all, For Christmas I recieved a lovely Klean Kanteen bottle, about 1 litre (approx 1180 ML) from the bushcraft store in stainless steel. This might be an obvious question, but can I use it to boil water over a fire? Cheers, Lewis
  9. Tracker NTS-054

    Woodlore Australian hootchie- question

    Hi all, just got back from an overnighter in the hammock with the auscam hootchie I bought from Woodlore some time ago. I rarely use it and opt for my much lighter cheap tarp I've had for years and use everywhere. But I decided to take the 'good' one as I expected a storm... The storm came and...
  10. Tracker NTS-054

    DD camping hammock

    Hi all, I've had a DD camping hammock for a while now and I'm fairly new to hammocking in general, usually just taking a bivvy bag for ease. The reason for this is because whenever I use the hammock, I can't get my feet 'in' comfortably (it's not too small, it's just that the hammock...
  11. Tracker NTS-054

    Antiseptic pine sap

    Hi all, heard on one of Dave Canterbury's videos that pine resin, fresh off a cut in the tree is a good antiseptic. Anyone used this or have any experience of pine sap used like this? Cheers, Lewis
  12. Tracker NTS-054

    Securing a DC4

    :confused: When in the field, I carry a DC4 fallkniven and popular 3 nails configuration to secure the stone to a log/stump but I find it very inconvenient and often they'll either not go into the wood, need a more substantial 'hammer' (but then bend) or get stuck in the wood... (Although I...
  13. Tracker NTS-054

    Hello from Nottingham!!

    Hi all, been looking to join the forum for a while now and just got round to it.. Love bushcraft and being outdoors in general, been at it for about 6/7 years (I'm 16) and in the past year or so have gotten much more serious, and I'm the junior tracking and survival advisor at the National...