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  1. Bothwell_Craig

    Kit Heads Up

    Don't know if this is the best place to post this but...... Blacks the outdoor chain are shutting almost half their shops throughout the UK. The result is a massive closing down sale. Today I visited the Glasgow Fort branch where everything was 50% off except clothes and footwear that was 30%...
  2. Bothwell_Craig

    Whale Oil Supplies

    Well if Pelagic species of whales and dolphins keep swimming up the River Clyde there could be a glut of it!! Fantastic animal to watch but so sad to see it so far out of its habitat
  3. Bothwell_Craig

    I think.....

    ....that these are ceps from my quick online ID. Can anyone help?
  4. Bothwell_Craig

    Helle Knives

    Anyone any first hand experience with Helle knives, quality build etc? I want to get a new bushcrafter and have about £100 to spend.
  5. Bothwell_Craig

    Size 12 Jolly Boots

    Hi folks Whilst exploring (tidying - SWMBO) my attic I have found a brand new, boxed, never before worn pair of Goretex Jolly Boots Eur 47 UK 12 I already have a pair that I am wearing so these are surplus to requirements. Retail I believe is between £160 - £180. I'm looking for £80...
  6. Bothwell_Craig

    Leather Virgin

    Sounds like it should be on very different type of internet site doesn't it??! Inspired by you lot I'm going to have a go at this leatherworking lark but was goint to start out making some drawstring pouches, just the kind of size to take my steel, some flint and charcloth. Nothing overly...
  7. Bothwell_Craig

    Kids out of comfort zones

    Beautiful (if a little bit chilly!!) winters day here so headed out with youngest, a mate and his two kids and my mates visiting friend + 2 boys. Gave us an excuse to get the new DD Hammocks and Tarps up for a look. Mine and my mates kids are well used to traipsing about in the woods with...
  8. Bothwell_Craig

    Your best wildlife encounter

    I've just returned from a "twitch" to see Short Eared Owl. A spectacular day on a frost covered hillside, views for miles where I watched three of the owls hunting within 50 meters of us. The views really where just out of this world and left me quite speechless. It got me thinking to some of...