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  1. shaggystu

    Böker bushcraft xl

    As the title says really, böker bushcraft xl, does anyone have an opinion of it? Anyone owned one for a while? Anyone used one for anything specific and found it to be excellent/shite? Just looking for opinions on a "bushcraft" knife. Cheers, Stuart.
  2. shaggystu

    Woodsmoke coastal

    As above; Woodsmoke's "Coastal Forager" course, anyone done it? Any thoughts?
  3. shaggystu

    Lowa desert boots 8.5

    As per the title, I've got a pair of lowa desert combat boots in size 8.5 for sale. They are in very nearly new condition, I wore them once for a short walk (about 2 miles) and decided that I don't like them. They're still in the (fairly squashed) box, and come with the tags (albeit no longer...
  4. shaggystu

    5.11 Tactical Shirt

    5.11 tactical shirt, in Khaki, size Large, for swap. This is a brand new item, given to me as a gift by someone who thinks I'm slightly larger than I am. I'd like to swap it for the same shirt in size Medium (any colour) or something very similar in terms of function and price (ie shirt...
  5. shaggystu

    Mobile phones

    I've just written a little piece on my blog explaining why I think that the nokia100 is one of the best mobile's that money can buy, it's here: Any feedback, good or bad would be great. Also, what are...
  6. shaggystu

    Bushcraft field survey?

    For a little while now I've been thinking about really getting to know a "bushcraft" location. I like the idea of surveying an area fairly formally to record things like different species of flora and fauna, soil type, weather, etc. to start to learn how those things effect one another. I think...
  7. shaggystu

    heads up - bargain priced insulated jackets

    I got a jacket from these people the other day, absolute bargain IMHO, good quality materials, good level of workmanship, good company to deal with, and much much cheaper then the alternatives (I'm thinking of Snugpak here), bargain all round...
  8. shaggystu

    Thank you

    As some of you may have noticed I've been absent from BCUK for a little while, this is due to personal reasons that I'm not going to go into (but in case you're concerned, it's all better now :)). I just wanted to say thank you to the various people who've contacted me to express their...
  9. shaggystu

    A weekend away in Derbyshire

    I spent a great couple of days in a little wood near Matlock with a couple of mates over the weekend just gone, I just thought I'd share a few photo's some nice easy walking....... ......and a bit closer to the top friendly locals obligatory camp fire shot the view A superb weekend...
  10. shaggystu

    Bivvy bag mod

    I just thought I'd share a few pics of the simple little mod I've done to my bivvy bag, the zip/webbing/toggle/elastic all came from an old tent I took apart the other day, so the total cost of this was the thread in the sewing machine and the electric to run it. There's a little bit more or a...
  11. shaggystu

    me and my dawg

    I have so got to get me one of these :lmao: Cheers, Shaggy
  12. shaggystu

    punk as..... v=8ShTYVTFR70#! and you all thought that olga was a bit odd
  13. shaggystu


    not sure if this is the right place for this but....i've just been looking at my profile and apparently i have two referrals. what's that mean then?:confused: stuart
  14. shaggystu

    buffalo horn - bit of advice needed

    as the title really, any advice about working buffalo horn? i'm in the process of getting a few bits and bobs together to put a handle on a leuku that i've been making for.......well years i suppose, and i've been gifted a little piece of buffalo horn that i'm intending to use the bolster. i've...
  15. shaggystu

    flint and steel

    not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this but i'm trying to track down the name of the chap who was making forged strikers at the woodland festival at elvaston last weekend. he was selling them as jewellery :confused: but i wanted one more for knocking sparks off, i've already...
  16. shaggystu

    helicopter ID?

    as the title really, can someone point me towards an online guide for identifying helicopters? southey, i'm looking at you here reason i ask is that a mahoosive great military looking thing just flew over my house incredibly low, and i'm just curious as to what exactly it was thanks in advance...
  17. shaggystu


    come on then, what's the score with all the ewok avatars?
  18. shaggystu

    kolrosing mora 120

    as the title suggests, i did a bit of kolrosing on my mora 120. i don't think it's finished completely but it is for now. all comments/criticisms welcome :) thanks for looking stuart
  19. shaggystu

    anyone found a cat?

    this came up on facebook today, i thought i'd share :)
  20. shaggystu

    night out?

    as the title hints at really, anyone fancy a stealthy night out tomorrow (wednesday 15/08/12)? nothing too exciting, i'm at work all day so just heading somewhere close to home for the evening/night and spend the following day playing in the woods, possibly stay out for thursday night too if i...