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  1. Bucephalas

    DD Ultralight question

    Does anyone here used the new Dd UL hammock with net? Before i order, i want to know more about the bug net when attached. Looks to me that the tighter the hammock ridgeline, the further from your face the net will be, but am i right in thinking that a taught line will alter the lay? I always...
  2. Bucephalas

    A few blades for sale

    Prices include PP fees and posting (will post Monday) brand new, never used. Boker Magnum-see link for details SOLD PF Mora Robust £12 posted. Now £10 posted Victorinox Trailmaster £23...
  3. Bucephalas

    Re-chargeable batteries heads up

    B&Q are clearing out AAA rechargeable batteries. They are Energizer accu recharge extreme nickel metal hydride 800mah. The package claims they stay charged upto a year when not used. Best bit, reduced from £11.99 for 4 to 99p.
  4. Bucephalas

    The last trapper

    For those who haven't yet seen it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  5. Bucephalas

    A new addition to my Bushy past times!

    Well I've now added pest control to my list of hobbies. Hopefully with my new permission I can combine pest control with a bit of hanging. Here's my brand new baby! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  6. Bucephalas

    Surplus heads up!

    No association etc but I came across a pretty good site with reasonable prices but their FB page is even better value. Gortex DPM jackets £15 etc. i bought a good good few items tonight.
  7. Bucephalas

    Free Kindle book heads up

    Not bushy related but one of my favourite books over the years and its now free on Amazon for the kindle/iPad etc. "Ragged trousered philanthropist" by Robert Tressell It's as true now in every way as when it was written. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  8. Bucephalas

    Uses for an old tree saw and rip saw?

    I picked up an nice old tree saw and rip saw that was destined for the skip yesterday. I may have a go at restoring the tree saw to its former splendour but what about the rip saw? Suitable for making some small carving knives or not? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  9. Bucephalas

    Happy Birthday RedandShane

    A Happy birthday to my buddy Steve (redandshane). I only posted it here because I knew it would annoy the hell out of you! Looks like you share yours with Toni too. I'll buy you a drink at the moot tomorrow!
  10. Bucephalas

    Tree Identification resources?

    I have two comprehensive books on the subject (one a pocket book) but I'm looking for online resources to build on my tree ID knowledge. I've found a good one (link on this page) but can you recommend any others?
  11. Bucephalas

    It's TICK time of year and time for a reminder

    I may be preaching to the converted but I thought I would post my recent experiences as food for thought for the coming summer weather and one of the few dangers we face in "getting out there". A year or so ago a good friend of mine from Dartmoor (Ivan) contracted Lymes disease from a...
  12. Bucephalas

    Waterproofing Parachute silk test results.

    I was seeking advice from the forum and from Mr.Google a while back trying to establish if it was possible to waterproof parachute material (silk Nylon?). The general consensus was that it wasn't possible, mainly due to the type of fabric and weave etc. Well yesterday I performed a test with...
  13. Bucephalas

    A kit blast from the past

    Just Googling around and came across this; It's a dated thread but apart from a few brand name omissions it could have been posted this week. Just though it interesting how slowly things move on in the bushy world.
  14. Bucephalas

    The BEAR cheek of it!
  15. Bucephalas

    Do my eyes decieve me?

    I've had to reach for my sunglasses since I logged in this evening. Just wondering If my Pc is having a hairy fit or if others out there know what I'm referring to? If not, I'll book an appointment first thing tomorrow! :dunno:
  16. Bucephalas

    Heads-Up on Wildstoves wood gas stove

    They have some ex-demo ones available at a tenner off and as soon as I get my 10% off code mailed to me (for signing up to newsletter) I'll post it up here. No association etc etc
  17. Bucephalas

    Heads-Up - - The Ultimate Hang on Kindle only £2.99

    I bought mine some time back for a few quid more than this. It's now £2.99 on Kindle
  18. Bucephalas

    Is a tiny heating stove possible from this?

    A New Years Eve left over; a 5ltr Heineken keg. I know I could knock up a simple (or not so simple) wood burner from this, but any tips for making a small heater for inside my DD XL tarp? I have press studs attached to my XL to close the "doors" in winter and I noticed that with this keg I can...