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  1. Mr_Rimps

    Mild weather confusing wildlife.

    Just come across half of a pigeons egg shell. Looks fresh. Have they stared breeding already? Has the very mild winter confused our wildlife? Any one else seen signs that indicate a lack of winter or early spring?
  2. Mr_Rimps

    Were you out last night too?

    What a fantastic night last night was. Clear skys, full moon and as bright as dawn. The temperature dipped to minus one. A perfect opportunity to test out the hammock underblanket. If I didn't have one of Wanderinstars underblankets I'm sure I would have froze (like some of the scout...
  3. Mr_Rimps

    Do you know a knife maker?

    Hi all I'm looking to buy a new knife. Not had one since I was a scout (we were allowed to carry knives back then) I've been using an opinel no8. but I'd like to get a custom fix blade. I've read through alot of threads here about different knives etc. I have an idea of the type of knife and...
  4. Mr_Rimps

    Giant puff ball

    Posted this on Flora and Fauna section. Following Moonrakers example (apologies for being a copy-cat but its a good idea) I've put it here. Although I must say, the parasols Moonraker cooked up certainly do look a little more appetising. Giant Puffball
  5. Mr_Rimps

    Giant Puff Ball

    Here's one I found this morning. It was in a group of three. (Only took the one) Incidently, I found more a couple of weeks ago but in my excitement I ate them before I thought of taking a picture! ready for a dip in egg and breadcrumbs my breakfast...hmmm....yummy
  6. Mr_Rimps

    2007 Celebrations

    There must be 100s of Jamborees going on around the world next year. Anyone attending the Hampshire Jamboree (H007) it'll be great to put faces to names.
  7. Mr_Rimps

    commando slugs!

    During a weekend in the woods, sleeping in my hammock, I was surprised (for want of a better word) to wake in the night a find a sizable slug slithering its way across my arm! Yuk! My friend had a similar experienced in his hammock. So what to do to prevent these "commando" slugs from...
  8. Mr_Rimps

    Insect bite relief

    I know there are threads on insect repellents both natural and chemical but does anyone have any suggestions on how to relieve the pain/itch of an insect bite/sting. Having returned home after a great weekend in the woods I've counted 40 mossy bites about my body. The wierd thing is I didn't...