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  1. Brizzlebush

    Thin buffalo top - anything from other brands too?

    Handy, thanks. I've looked at the Swat shirt from Arktis as well, they do great kit. The stowaway could be a handy addition to my kit without adding any weight, thanks.
  2. Brizzlebush

    Thin buffalo top - anything from other brands too?

    I've been considering one of these myself. I can't afford a Buffalo right now, it's on my shopping list though. I like the fact that the pcs smock has side zips for venting too. I've got an army issue softie jacket, which is warm, but v bulky. When static it's great, if anything a little too...
  3. Brizzlebush

    What did you buy today?

    Snugpak Special Forces 1 sleeping bag, in black. Pretty much everything in Bushcraft tends to be green, so I thought I'd go mental and get something black. I know, crazy right? It's half the size and weight of my other bags. The central zip was appealing and being made in Britain. I took out...
  4. Brizzlebush

    Word association game

  5. Brizzlebush

    Sold German army mountain pack with sleep mat

    That's brilliant! I'll start doing that immediately. :) It had it's first outing yesterday and perhaps would have performed a little better had I used that phrase. Never the less, we got on very well.
  6. Brizzlebush

    The 3 fires challenge

    That's a cracking job mate. Look like you had ideal conditions as well. I don't think I saw you use the Egyptian bow-drill, or did I miss something? Was your hearth pine with a hazel spindle? Speedy fires though, I think that'll be hard to beat, well done!
  7. Brizzlebush

    Sold German army mountain pack with sleep mat

    Hi Scott, The pack arrived today, cracking piece of kit, exactly as described, I like it a lot. A pleasure doing business with you! All the best
  8. Brizzlebush

    Trade knives - your thoughts

    That's a beauty Stew. I don't know much about the style, but from what I've seen in this post, they look a lot like classic French cook's knives, beefed up for outdoor use? the first and 4th pics certainly. Yours looks like a high sabre grind with a micro-bevel? How thick was the steel?
  9. Brizzlebush


    Roasted plain then finished with marmalade for the last half hour. Banging!
  10. Brizzlebush

    Does a knife cut hurt less with a sharp knife?

    I think superglue was invented to stick wounds together?
  11. Brizzlebush

    Does a knife cut hurt less with a sharp knife?

    Yes, sanitiser stings too! I have always carried my own knives, and I've often had to lock them away or more usually take them home with me. Some chefs don't, and just use what they find. The knives left in kitchens are left there for a reason! (because they're blunt or useless or both!)...
  12. Brizzlebush

    Does a knife cut hurt less with a sharp knife?

    For what it's worth; As a chef of 30+ years, I've lost count of the number of times I've cut myself. As others have said: Blunt knives = more potential for slips = more potential for cuts (and slightly more ragged ones at that). Sharp knives = swifter, more accurate cutting. If you do cut...
  13. Brizzlebush


    Welcome along Jim. The forum is a great thing. I've learnt so much, and I'm very grateful to the organisers and forum members for their collective knowledge.
  14. Brizzlebush

    Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

    Handy. Thanks for the tip on the book. My 9yr old is enjoying using my old Mora. So it would nice to have some ideas. He does what I did when I was a kid and makes sticks pointy :)
  15. Brizzlebush

    Saivo Bowl

    Thanks for the link, it's something I'd like to try someday.
  16. Brizzlebush

    It is a Gizmo, what on Earth is it ?

    You live and learn!
  17. Brizzlebush

    Belt carry pouch

    Tidy indeed. Looks good and solid.
  18. Brizzlebush

    Saivo Bowl

    That's truly beautiful work, thoughtful and respectful. I had to look Kolrosing up. Such a simple method that allows you to do some quite intricate patterns. What knife do you use? Like others have said, I love the simplicity of the figures, there's something almost Neolithic about them. How...