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  1. mayfly

    Mora questions...

    I have a kydex sheath made by Laurence - excellent bit of kit BTW :) - to closely fit the pre-2011 "Mora Training Knife - Clipper". Unfortunately the original knife is lost. So my questions are: - will the new post-2011 "Morakniv Companion MG Clipper Knife" fit this sheath, i.e. is it the exact...
  2. mayfly

    Mosgiel Zipped Bush Shirt

    Mosgiel Zipped Bush Shirt 3XL Olive Green Withdrawn Includes RMSD PayPal only This has seen a little bit of use, but is in mint condition I've lost a lot of weight and it is just too big now Some pics taken with my phone (I am not a good photographer, apologies). Chris
  3. mayfly

    Snugpak Jackets

    Selling on a few Snugpak jackets, these will serve you well this winter! I have lost a lot of weight and they are all too big now. All are as new condition, with very light use. Pile Shirt XL Olive SOLD (Note this is the UK made standard shirt, IMO better quality than the 'elite')...
  4. mayfly

    3 season camping: down or synthetic (or other solution)

    I am curious to know what people prefer to use by way of sleeping bags (or other sleeping solutions) for 3 season camping (i.e. could be hot, warm, chilly, wet and windy but the temperature not likely to get very low and certainly not stay below 0 for any period). I think I know the advantages...
  5. mayfly

    Hammock or ground dweller?

    Why? I've been trying to make a hammock work, but I prefer the good old ground I think. Chris
  6. mayfly

    FS: Exped Chair Kit

    Withdrawn ...
  7. mayfly

    Model 'T' Fire Piston

    Thought this tutorial was pretty cool! Linked on Lifehacker too. Chris
  8. mayfly

    FS Karrimor Sabre 45 Rucksack, Nanok sleeping bag, Snugpak under-blanket

    Nanok bag withdrawn ...
  9. mayfly

    Where have all the Swallows gone?

    I'm on holiday as most years in Pays de la Loire, France. We always see swallows and they regularly nest in the barns where we stay. This year there are none, at least not yet and it seems to be a bit late? I was wondering if anyone was aware of a particular problem this year or if it is just a...
  10. mayfly


    I keep seeing adverts for pink high heeled shoes. Now I'm all for a bit of fancy dress but these adverts seem very out of place here, especially as I cough up for membership. So some questions... 1. Can I switch them off? 2. If not, can they be sense checked so they are at least vaguely suitable...
  11. mayfly

    Bushcraft segment in new Country Tracks

    Thought this was worth pointing out. I'm split between two thoughts: a) a pretty meaningless clip making bushcraft seem like some sort of fashion statement and b) at least the notion of getting outdoors and doing stuff - especially for the young - is being promoted, plus the guy who did the...
  12. mayfly

    Woodlore knife thoughts...

    Got this last week from Woodlore TBH I'd forgotten I might be even close to the top of the list as it has been something like 6 years of waiting, I kind of thought they'd forgotten about me and have in the meantime been collecting a few sharps. And the price has gone up a lot. I think a...
  13. mayfly

    Shangri-la / Hex 3 question

    Can any one tell me - definitively - if a new Shangri-La 3 floor (this one) will fit an old Hex 3 shelter (the dark green SilNylon one that immediately preceeded the Shangrl-La 3)? I've looked around and can't find anywhere that says it definitively will fit though I assume it does. Help! Chris
  14. mayfly

    Optimum sharps combo for long trip

    This may have been done to death already but there is not too much on search so I thought I'd ask! I was wondering... if you were going on an extended trip, say 4 months, what sharps would you carry? I guess the limiting factor is they have to be checked into hold luggage on a long haul...
  15. mayfly

    Ray Mears on the radio

    I usually listen to Excess Baggage on Saturday mornings; probably my favourite radio show, always good value. On yesterday's show, John McCarthy mentioned that Ray Mears would be on next week talking about his new TV series and generally about Northern Canada. Auntie does a Podcast of the show...
  16. mayfly

    Vancouver area resources

    I will be spending 3 months in Vancouver for work reasons over the coming winter from mid November. I am looking for recommendations, links and stuff, to Bushcraft resources close to Vancouver. I guess my main interests are in: Local crafts (wood, leather, etc.): interesting places to visit...
  17. mayfly

    Giant puffball

    Found earlier today. Photo of it being held by my daughter which gives some idea of scale (she is 8 years old). Being chopped up and prepped for cooking We get these same place each year behind a walnut tree. This is a massive one though. Very good eating :) Chris
  18. mayfly

    Poetry anyone?

    Going through one of my intermittent poetry reading phases. Lots of freebies on Project Gutenberg like Ernest Dawson. This was sparked listening to Radio 4 Poetry Please a few weeks ago. This is my favourite: They are not long, the weeping and the laughter. Love and desire and hate: I...
  19. mayfly

    In praise of Rapidboy leather (and SBTs)

    I am a big fan of Rapidboy's leather work. I have several pieces by him. I always find it to be totally bombproof and practical with clean lines and great attention to detail. I thought it was about time I paid some public kudos! Here are some photos of the latest pieces: sheaths for a couple of...
  20. mayfly

    A Different Christmas Poem

    Thought I'd pass this on this poem which I got today, made me reflect... -- A Different Chrstmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic...