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  1. mikew

    Peak district campsites?

    Can anyone recommend a campsite in the peak district that will allow the use of a wood stove in a tipi? I have phoned a couple and got a straight no. Ideally somewhere near Edale. Thanks
  2. mikew

    GB Swedish carving axe?

    Which side is the bevel on a right handed one? If I hold the axe in my right hand with the head upwards, edge facing away from me, the bevel should be on the right as I look at it.... Right?
  3. mikew

    Latest commision WIP

    Here are some pictures of a knife I am working on at the moment. After several emails with the customer we decided on a 115x28x5mm blade from O1. He was very specific about wanting a thick, brass bolster; at this point I started to get worried :) This was going to be a big, heavy blade so I...
  4. mikew

    Just a carved cup.

    It's very rare that I get time to do any carving so please excuse me posting a rather rudimentary 'kuksa'. I make knives normally :) I suspect the wood is ash although it dosen't look much like it.... Comments always welcome :)
  5. mikew

    A little skinner

    Here's one I finished off earlier in the week... The blade is 80x22x3mm O1 etched with ferric acid. The handle is 105mm of brushed wenge with a brass bolster and pin. For anyone not familiar with a 'brushed' finish, it's done by going over the surface of the wood with a brass brush in a...
  6. mikew

    Macassar ebony, antler & O1

    Here are some pictures of a knife I finished yesterday The blade is 100x26x4mm O1, heat treated to 59RC and cryo treated. The handle is 120mm long macassar ebony with an antler bolster and steel pin. It's going to it's new owner in Chile of all places tomorrow! Please let me know what...
  7. mikew

    O1, Rosewood & Antler

    I'm putting this one up for sale. Blade: 80mm long, 22mm wide and 3mm thick. O1 steel, hardened and tested to 57 HRC. Hand rubbed finish with a 'scandi' grind. Handle: 100mm long, rosewood with moose antler and fibre spacers. The price is £180 including RMSD and paypal...
  8. mikew

    O1, rosewood & antler

    Here are some pictures of my latest one.... The blade is 80x22x3mm and the overall length is 180mm The handle is rosewood with a moose antler spacer and this one has a pouch style sheath for a change. Let me know what you think. Michael
  9. mikew

    tool roll

    Can anyone recomend me a nice tool roll for holding spoon knives etc? Thanks
  10. mikew

    O1, Madrone burl & Bone

    Here's another small one. It's the same blade shape as the last one but this time with a higher grind and a secondary bevel. Steel is 3mm O1. The handle is madrone burl with a bone spacer. Overall length is 165mm. Hardened to 57-59 HRC Please feel free to comment. You're much better at...
  11. mikew

    Thuya burl & buffalo horn

    Here's a knife I finished today The blade is 75mm long and the handle is 92mm. The bolster is buffalo horn and the spacer is bone. The handle material is thuya burl. Comments always appreciated :) Michael
  12. mikew

    Strops for sale

    I've finally got around to making some more strops. This time it's a bit more complicated so let me know if I've not explained myself well. All strops are backed on English cherry and measure 250x40x20mm. The leather is 3mm veg tanned cow hide. I have them available with the leather rough...
  13. mikew

    Camp beds x3

    I have for sale 2 Coleman trail mesh delux campbeds. Both been set up but not slept on so basically as new. These are very solid US army style beds measuring 210 x 78 x 48 cm. As these beds are pretty heavy, postage will be about £15 each so it would be much better if you could collect them, or...
  14. mikew

    General purpose hidden tang

    Here are some pictures of the latest one from me. The blade is 85mm long, 3mm thick and has a hand rubbed finish. The steel is O1 with a 24 degree primary bevel and a very slight micro bevel, heat treated to 57 HRC. The handle is 125mm long maple burl which is sanded to a satin...
  15. mikew

    Full member to maker.

    Is it possible to upgrade membership from full member to maker, or do I have to pay the full £30? Cheers Michael
  16. mikew

    Tarp suggestions

    I am looking for a tarp that I can use outside the entrance to my tentipi. I'm thinking a hexagonal shaped one would work best but haven't found anything quite right. Any suggestions? Michael
  17. mikew

    Scandi style sheath step by step (lots of pics)

    I thought it may be of interest to some to see a step by step on how I make a Scandinavian style sheath with a wooden liner. If you would like to see pictures of the knife, see here First step is to make the liner. I start with three...
  18. mikew

    Rosewood puuko

    Here are some images of a knife I finished today.... The blade is ground from 3mm O1 heat treated to 56 HRC. It is 85mm long and 25mm wide and has a single bevel ground at 24 degrees. The handle is Indian rosewood and the bolster is moose antler. Please feel free to comment...
  19. mikew

    Elm burl leuku

    Here are some pics of my latest leuku style knife. The handle is made from elm burl finished with linseed oil and wax. The bolster is bone and the pin is silver steel. The blade is ground from 3mm O1. I made a wooden liner for the sheath which was a first for me and I'm...
  20. mikew

    Tentipi Eldfell Comfort 7 Stove

    I'm selling a brand new in box Tentipi Eldfell Comfort 7 stove Note the one I am selling is the comfort not the pro model. Asking price is £410 plus £25.00 for postage by courier or you can come and collect it if you like. Thanks Michael