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  1. Clouston98

    Thermarest or exped down mat

    It is a little bit larger than a Nalgene bottle but easily smaller than a bag of flour- I hope that makes some sense :)
  2. Clouston98

    Leather Holder For My New E-Cig & Quitting Smoking Attempt.....

    Cracking leatherwork and a cracking thing to do too! I'd say stick at it mate, it'll do you the world of good health wise and save you a few bob too - the best of luck with it!
  3. Clouston98

    The Twodogs Lionheart Forest Shirt

    Looks great! Nicely done :)
  4. Clouston98

    Thermarest or exped down mat

    I've got a mountain equipment Helios (possibly helium?) inflatable mat, basically their version of a thermarest. It packs small, is light weight and is very comfortable to sleep on. However I do covet an exped down mat - which appears better but is more expensive, however as I've never used one...
  5. Clouston98

    A Bit of A Palava!

    Nice one! I must admit I'm quite attached to my boat but I do want to put some new seats, yoke & thwart in some nice ash ones too - get rid of the plastic that's in now. It's a great boat though and has accompanied me on many a fine paddling journey. All the best for your trips in your new boat :)
  6. Clouston98

    Happy Birthday Clouston98

    Hahaha yes I can imagine the earache, plenty of that going on if I'm not vertical when it comes time to leave :lmao:
  7. Clouston98

    Happy Birthday Clouston98

    Cheers Everyone! Having a good time, I shall raise a pint to you all tonight when I'm in the pub :D
  8. Clouston98

    Silky genki-temagari saw

    That's a beast! I love my little silky, for a tiny saw it doesn't half tackle some good sized logs, punches above its weight. But that's in a different league, should serve you well!
  9. Clouston98

    Mora Bushcraft black sheath

    Like the others firesteel and DC3 for me with the addition of a poppered dropper as I like the way the sheath moves when you sit down etc as opposed to digging into you :).
  10. Clouston98

    The final results of my Dreadhead 2 day Sporran course.

    That's cracking! Hamish is a great guy and I'm lucky enough to own one of his sporrans. The course sounds great and would be something I'd love to do, I can turn my hand to a few things but it's safe to say leather isn't one of them so a course would be something I'd be interested in when I've...
  11. Clouston98

    Berberis Spork

    Cracking job mate! :)
  12. Clouston98

    Super charge your bow drill set. The mushroom of immortality.

    Very good idea! I've used chaga as a hearth board before but never thought of using it like that, I'll definitely be giving that a go sometime :).
  13. Clouston98

    Canvas Tool Roll

    Looks great! Top job :).
  14. Clouston98

    Wasn't Expecting That!!

    Nice trip and aye I'm not surprised he gave you a shock!
  15. Clouston98

    Felling a 40m tree

    Great viewing, clearly very skilled and what a size that tree was too, a lot of firewood in that (provided it doesn't go for timber for furniture). Thanks for posting :)
  16. Clouston98

    The Revenant. Movie firecraft fact or fiction?

    Great little tutorial there! I've not seen the film yet but it looks great so I'll have to give it a watch soon. Looked a fun way to get a fire going and as the others have said I'd love a go myself if I ever get the chance :).
  17. Clouston98

    Handmade arrow

    That looks great! Nice job :).
  18. Clouston98

    Ebay.......I've had enough!!

    Really sorry to hear of this mate, sometimes you just can't win eh? I know it's a real setback but I wouldn't give up on it - you'll have thousands of customers who are over the moon with what they've had from you and I'm sure anyone who knows you or your work would join me in sayings it simply...
  19. Clouston98

    Hilleberg Feast!

    Cracking set of tents there, very nice indeed :).
  20. Clouston98

    Anyone raise their own chickens and fowl?

    We raise chicks, we had a variety of birds and had raised a bantam chick we hatched under a broody hen. They were all killed by the fox so we rebuilt the coop and run to make it fox proof (or as close as is humanly possible). We have got five young chicks on the go now and we've got some new...