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  1. ibeef

    Defcon 5 Multirole question

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help me, I've recently and very generously been given a Defcon 5 multirole 70L backpack. I'd never heard of these before but needless to say I quite like it and it's in really...
  2. ibeef

    [Wanted] Fallkniven U1

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Fallkniven U1, it needs to be in reasonable condition as it's a present. I'm willing to pay £80 posted for a good one (Seems to be the going rate). The catch is I need it before next Wednesday. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. ibeef

    Can anybody help me identify this sword please?

    Sorry for the late reply, I've had a really busy week. Thanks for all the replies, I believe from the posts on here and on other forums this probably is a Chinese butterfly sword. I think my step dad still wants to take it to be looked however. I'll update of I find anything else out for those...
  4. ibeef

    Can anybody help me identify this sword please?

    Do you have a photo of the sword you own? It would be interesting for comparison. The photo on page 2 is very good! It does look almost identical. Thanks for sharing :).
  5. ibeef

    Can anybody help me identify this sword please?

    Thanks for the info, the picture isn't the best for the writing. Looking at it by eye, it's 100% CSA. Thanks.
  6. ibeef

    Can anybody help me identify this sword please?

    Once again thanks for all the replies. @british red - I will try to call thay shop, thanks. @all - All the information is very useful. I don't think he's interested in selling, just wants to know it's worth. He loves the sword but always wondered about its origins. I would be amazed if it was...
  7. ibeef

    Can anybody help me identify this sword please?

    I've since posted this on blade forums, a lot of the guys on there are very skeptical this is real. Maybe a converted chinese butterfly sword. I think I may take it to a shop I've found in Leicester though to see if it's genuine. I imagine finding someone who's clued up with confederate...
  8. ibeef

    Can anybody help me identify this sword please?

    Wow! Thanks for all the replies. I've put it on a few forums including BB, the consensus on BB was a southern military artillery sword of some sort. It does look very much like the chinese butterfly swords! It's strange because no matter how hard I look I can't find an exact match for the...
  9. ibeef

    Can anybody help me identify this sword please?

    Hi all, This may be a shot in the dark, maybe worth a try though. My step dad has asked me to help him identify an old sword he has. He's had it years and always wanted to know more about it, he got it off an elderly fellow who used to use it to chop ribs with it. All I can tell from the...
  10. ibeef

    Barnett Wildcat II Crossbow

    A bit late, but the crossbow has now gone to a new home :) Thanks
  11. ibeef

    Barnett Wildcat II Crossbow

    Sorry guys, not been on in a while and didn't realise I had any replies. Bambodoggy I've replied, if it doesn't go through I'll pm you Samon.
  12. ibeef

    Barnett Wildcat II Crossbow

    Hi All, I have for swaps a Barnett Wildcat II recurve crossbow, which is what all the current Armex recurve crossbows etc nowadays are based on. It comes with about 5 crossbow bolts, an unused 125lb prod that still has the price tag on and a foot stirrup which is rare to find nowadays. I also...
  13. ibeef

    My First wet formed sheath

    Great for a first try. It gets addictive and the more and more tools you buy the greater they start to look :)
  14. ibeef

    A couple of Satchels

    Some beautiful looking satchels there :)
  15. ibeef

    Second attempt at sheath making

    Thank you:)
  16. ibeef

    Show us your ink

    Love threads like these! Some real nice work going on in this thread! I've got a few tatts, my first one was this tribal tattoo around 5 years ago, I don't regret it, hoping to have it extended into a more arty sleeve though: My second tattoo was this, it's Russian and stands for "let all...
  17. ibeef

    The Bushcraft Show 2014....who's gonna be there?

    I'll be going on the Saturday :) luckily for me it's just down the road aswel :)
  18. ibeef

    1st knife personalisation

    Thank you :)
  19. ibeef

    Barnett Wildcat II for air rifle.

    Hi all, I'm going to try this again. I have a barnett wildcat II the stock is in good condition bar a little chipping of the coating underneath, still smooth though. Comes with the rare foot stirrup as well. It comes with a new unused barnett 125 lb prod with the sale sticker still on it...