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  1. StJon

    Return of the St.

    Been back in Scotland for a year after my adventures in Italy. Time to get back on the forum and back out in the nature.
  2. StJon


    Sitting in the garden eating the first of our nisperos, sometimes called loquats. First time I've tried them, soft inner flesh which is sweet and sour at the same time.
  3. StJon

    Pine processionary

    On our dog walk this morning, I came across this, the pine processionary (Thaumetopoea pityocampa). On posting on facebook, locals warned me about the danger to Donatella, (When the paws and other body parts of a dog come into contact with the caterpillars' hairs, they become severely...
  4. StJon

    Wild boar, warning dead animal...

    From my walk this morning, noticed a bit of road kill, wild boar. Looked fresh enough, but my bag wasn't big enough...
  5. StJon


    From our walk this afternoon, persimmon, such a beautiful autumn colour.
  6. StJon

    No idea what this is...

    On our walk this morning, came across this, all I know is it's a seed head, but of what?
  7. StJon

    A dauner doon the Arno

    Took Donatella doon the River Arno yesterday, She loves tracking and was on the scent of wild boar, found some evidence of wild bore wallowing, Some local flora in the Tuscan Autumn sun, Any idea what kind of 'shroom this is, Thanks for looking...
  8. StJon


    From our walk this morning, first pomegranate of the season...
  9. StJon

    Figs 'n' walnuts

    Oot with Donatella, the dug, this morning, figs 'n' walnuts for breakfast, fresh off the tree...
  10. StJon


    Snake found at the side of the road, hadn't been run over but seems to have had it's guts pulled out...
  11. StJon


    The walnuts are starting to turn here... on the tree, and foraged after they fall,
  12. StJon

    Dog ticks

    Wanted to share this product with dog lovers, no connection with the company etc… Donatella, my French Bulldog is the first dog I’ve owned and is great at getting me out into the woods and exploring the flora and fauna here in Tuscany. A couple of days ago, I noticed what I thought was a cyst...
  13. StJon


    Found this today on our morning dog walk... Donatella had been following the scent 'n' footprints of cinghiale (wild boar) and led me to a field that may have been farmed in the past...
  14. StJon

    Oak gall

    While out far a walk this morning, I came across a small oak covered in galls, never seen this many on one tree...
  15. StJon

    wee products

    A couple of wee samples I've been working on, a front pocket wallet and a medievil inspired coin purse... with my new branded log.
  16. StJon

    wee Tuscan walk

    Went for a wee walk in the hills above our town Capolona in Tuscany. Saw our first wild boar, though it wasn't very wild, it was strapped to the front of a 4X4 being brought out the forest. Wild harvest a plenty, sloes, brambles and some apples which will be crumble tomorrow with sweet...
  17. StJon

    First sheaths

    Hear are a couple of sheaths I've been working on, this is my first go so be gentle... First is for my Bowie Knife, Second is for my Bushcraft UK Spydie Both veg tanned, wet formed and hand sewn.
  18. StJon


    the nature here in Italy is freekin' me oot, this was in the wash hoose this morning, also saw two snakes mating while walking the dogs through the industrial estate. Defo for the hammock here...
  19. StJon

    Giant Rats

    Saw on Sky news that German Giant Rats were set to invade Britain. They are a regular site here in Tuscany, feeding on vegetation next to waterways. The Coypu was farmed for it's pelt so who is going to be the first to hunt one and make something from its fur?:cool:
  20. StJon


    Not been about for a while so I thought I'd give a wee update. I gave up my job as a lecturer, cashed in all our investments, sold the house and bought a wee flat in Capolona, Tuscany to be closer to our daughter who moved here a couple of years ago. Still getting' my head round the outdoor...