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  1. Mikey P

    Swap L Paramo Cascada for M Cascada!

    Hi, I have dark blue, size large, Paramo Cascada trousers in VGC (just reproofed). I appear to have lost some weight so looking to swap for Cascada trousers in a size medium. Not overly bothered re the colour. If interested, let me know and we can exchange pictures/details. Thanks.
  2. Mikey P

    Unusual Book

    Hi all, Firstly, moderators please let me know if you're unhappy with this. This is a book I've had for many years: its the US Marine Corps Field Training Manual 'Demolition & Sabotage' by Lt Col G MacGuire-Pearce. It's a 'Rucksack and Rifle' black-and-white facsimile reprint (are they...
  3. Mikey P

    Books For Sale

    Clear-out – Books for Sale SAS Survival Flickbook – Lofty Wiseman (Good, 220g) £2.00 SH21-76 Ranger Handbook – US Army Infantry Centre (Very Good, 220g) £2.00 FM21-76 US Army Survival Manual – Dept of the Army (Good, 640g) £5.00 AF Reg 64-4 USAF Search & Rescue Survival Training – (Very...
  4. Mikey P

    For Sale Clearout!

    Few items for sale from clearing the loft: Wellco Jungle Boots - used, black, size 10W - £10 Webtex Ghilly Suit - unused, green, comes in pouch - £10 Steel cup - £3 Nesting Aluminium Mess Tins - £3 First to PM gets. Paypal or cash on collection/delivery. Would prefer buyer to collect or I...
  5. Mikey P

    Petromax/Kelly Kettle Bag Compatibility

    Hi all, Looking at the Petromax kettle bags for my Kelly Kettle. Does anyone know if the Petromax bags (there are two sizes) fit any of the Kelly Kettle styles? Want something a bit more robust than the nylon sack that come with the Kelly Kettle. Thanks!
  6. Mikey P

    Kovea Spider - Lightweight Gas Stove - First Impressions

    Hi all, Though this isn't really a review as I haven't had it long enough, I'd just like to present a small, lightweight gas stove which could find a place in your emergency kit, climbing/mountaineering kit or brew pack. Whilst I love to make a fire as much as most others on this site, often...
  7. Mikey P

    Cast Iron Kadai/Kahri

    Picked up in local KRK asian store on Woodlands Rd, Glasgow. Cast iron kadai/kahri about size of 1/2 a football. Season as normal. Excellent for curries but it's pretty robust and would be equally at home on an open fire. It's not thin like a wok and is reassuringly heavy! Cost about £5...
  8. Mikey P

    The Grey Corries - February 2013

    Just going back through my photos and realised I'd had a trip out in February but I can't remember if I posted anything. Anyway, apologies if I have but here we go. It's not that bushcrafty but it was an enjoyable trip out in the Scottish mountains. Me and Jim had aborted a trip in November...
  9. Mikey P

    Knoydart Solo Backpacking

    Just got back from solo backpacking trip to Knoydart over a couple of days. Car to Mallaig, ferry to Inverie. No pictures I'm afraid as I didn't take camera to cut weight - but I think that was a mistake as some of the views were tremendous. Weather was cloudy but fairly warm with one brief...
  10. Mikey P

    Cast Iron Griddle Bin Find!

    Was at friend's for tea last night and we found a rectangular cast iron griddle plate in the bin round the back of her flats - result! it has handles at either end, weighs a ton, is ridged on one side and flat on the other with a grease trap. There is some slight rust on it and I'm wondering...
  11. Mikey P

    Optimus Svea 123 In Any Condition

    I'm after one of the small Optimus Svea 123 stoves. Don't mind condition as I'm happy to repair. Looking to use it - it won't sit in the garage collecting dust, I promise!
  12. Mikey P

    Muurikka-style Pans

    Hi all, Not sure if this is best place for thread but it is cooking-related. Many of you will have heard of/seen/own a Muurikka pan (I have a nice Leisku - but they are eye-wateringly expensive for what they are. I think I may have found a more...
  13. Mikey P

    Fjallraven Greenland Jacket (not Winter version)

    Longshot but anyone have a Fjallraven Greenland jacket (any condition or colour) they might be interested in selling? Sized for 40-42" chest or thereabouts...
  14. Mikey P

    Outdoor Trouser Clearout

    all sold! Thanks
  15. Mikey P


    My mate looks like Beaker from The Muppets. Does anyone else have a friend/colleague that looks like a puppet? :rolleyes:
  16. Mikey P

    Ti Pot, Books, Kuksa, GPS

    Mini clearout! Purchase by Paypal. First to PM gets item. All item costs include post and packing but buyers need to pick up the Paypal fees (as per Tony’s sticky at top of ‘For Sale’ forum). This is 3.4% of total cost + 20p, as far as I can make out. First up, Snowpeak...
  17. Mikey P

    Pro-action Hike Lite 1-man Tent

    One of the famous Pro-Action Hike-lite 1-man tents. Bought about 4 years ago. Pitched once in garden, seam-sealed and Nikwaxed. Then stored in loft (dry). It's the orange one - they don't seem to sell them anymore. Comes with original instructions. See here for pictures and review...
  18. Mikey P

    Alpkit Mytipot Titanium Cookset

    Alpkit Titanium cook set, bought about 4-5 yrs ago and never used. Pan with lid (doubles as frypan) and handle. I'll throw in a stuffsack too. See here for specs: £40 new. On sale at £28 including...
  19. Mikey P

    Tree Surgery Heaven

    Although I'm a qualified climber-arborist, I don't so this for a living but just occasional jobs for friends & family. Dismantled small-ish tree for friend's nan yesterday in the rain! Great fun, hard work, very satisfying. Apart from having to break branches down by hand afterwards for 2.5...
  20. Mikey P

    Midge Headnet Faff

    I have been a nob so you don't have to be. Took mosquito headnet to Skye last week. Put it on. Took dog out. Watched with alarm as midges climbed through holes in headnet and ate my face. Top tip: mosquito headnets may have a large weave which is no use whatsoever against v small midges...