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  1. EarthToSimon

    or trade Flexcut Carving Jack - Right Handed

    Hi All, Flexcut carving Jack, right handed version. Bought while I was between cars as a more compact carving set but not been using it. Has not yet drawn blood like most flexcut tools but has been fondled by several blokes with beards, other than that it's practically new, only used the...
  2. EarthToSimon

    Pans, Primus Litech Kettle & Tatonka set (Picture Heavy)

    Hi All, Decided it's time to reduce my cooking bits, tried plenty but happiest with the MSR stowaways and numerous bits of cast iron. First is a Primus Litech trek kettle, It's hard Adonised, non-stick, holds about 1L, will fit a 230g gas canister and small stove (I'll include one if...
  3. EarthToSimon


    Not posted on here in a long while but looking for a Clinometer to use surveying, I don't really need the level of accuracy you get from a theodolite (plus they're a bit awkward to carry around) so using a little clinometer would make it a lot easier. Considering a Sunto PM5, does anyone...
  4. EarthToSimon

    or trade new in box Leatherman Charge TTI with leather case.

    Bought on impulse a while back but never been used as I have a wave. Asking for £120 Dropped to £110 SOLD including recorded delivery and paypal fees. Would part exchange for an axe belt loop and/or a leather possibles pouch.
  5. EarthToSimon

    Has anyone else ordered anything from timberland?

    A few days ago I ordered some stuff for my boots directly from Timberland and it turned up today in two massive boxes from the Netherlands. In the big box: and in the small box: No packing material around them this is exactly how they came, does anyone know why they've been sent...
  6. EarthToSimon

    Fjallraven 30% off (yet another heads up)

    Sorry about this, I've cost you all enough already already with that Mora deal. But here's a code for 30% of fjallraven at the sporting lodge. :D FJALL30 no affilation ect...
  7. EarthToSimon

    Heads up, Mora robust for 2 for £20
  8. EarthToSimon

    Small amount of 2mm leather

    Does anyone have any leather offcuts going spare? It'll be used as spacers in a knife handle, I need 12 bits about 1x1 5/8" A 1" wide 20" strap or a sheet about 3x4" would be perfect :) Not got much to trade laying around at the moment unless you want a Giant African land snail or two...
  9. EarthToSimon

    Removing tipp-ex from goretex?

    Someone spilt tipp-ex on my goretex jacket, I've scraped off what I can and washed it using tech wash but it's still clearly visible. Anyone know a way to get it off? Thanks Simon
  10. EarthToSimon

    Or trade Karrimor Wind 35 Plus 5 Rucksack

    Loaded up once but never taken out. Some slight damage to the fabric above the lower zip that I failed to notice in the shop. Decided I prefer satchel bags for day walks so it's not going to get used. Specification from the site: Karrimor Wind 35+5 Rucksack The Karrimor Wind 35+5...
  11. EarthToSimon

    15" laptop skin

    Thought about making it into a mug cosy but I drink too fast. Anyone want it for anything? Swap for some buffalo horn or a bit of leather to make a few little pouches. Thanks for looking, Simon :)
  12. EarthToSimon

    Silvia Siju any good? (half price)

    Noticed these today half price in. there's a good few in different colours too in the leeds one if you don't like the pink. Would have put this in the heads up section but I'm after a few experiences of them. are they any...
  13. EarthToSimon

    Strangest thing you've ever eaten?

    Not really Bear Grylls, but I tried crispy fried slug last night. Surprisingly didn't taste like chicken, but were a bit nicer than I thought they would be ;) I stupidly didn't think to take pictures, so next time it rains I'll go collecting and make some more.
  14. EarthToSimon

    Natural Shelter and leaving no trace (Small Rant)

    Recently I've started noticing a lot of natural shelters in most of the woods I walk in. Most of them look like they haven't been visited in a while but whoever builds them just leaves them. Should I dismantle them and return the woods to how they were or am I better off leaving them for a...
  15. EarthToSimon

    Goretex bivvy bag without the surplus smell

    The girlfriend has decided she wants to join me on my next outing, but doesn't like the amazing smell of surplus. Does anyone have one going spare? or have a simple smell removal technique? Cash waiting :) Simon.
  16. EarthToSimon

    AmoeBAND new plaster design

    Can't find these for sale anywhere, anyone seen a design like this before? Not sure how the changing colour when it needs to be replaced thing would work but quite interested in the design.
  17. EarthToSimon

    Mora Classic #2/0 or similar.

    Got a really nice leather sheath but no knife that fits it :o About 90% sure it's for a little 75mm mora #2/0. Got a few bits laying around to trade it off you. Thanks :) Simon
  18. EarthToSimon

    Heads up Mora Clipper 860F buy one get one free shame it's just the orange, some of you might be into that sort of thing though :rolleyes:
  19. EarthToSimon

    Folding Wood stove for hexi or gel stove

    Bought used from a guy who switched to using meths. Tried it once with hexi blocks. Seems pretty bomb proof, comes with a belt pouch. looking for a stove I can use with gel or hexi blocks. Thanks :) Simon.
  20. EarthToSimon

    Leather possibles pouch

    Bought it recently, not keen on the belt loop. Might suit someone who wears wider belts. (Mora for scale) Wanted: - Smaller pouch with a tighter belt loop - Svord Peasant knife or similar - Crooked knife blade - Spoon knife Also open to offers Thanks for...