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  1. jamin

    Who is size 11 in boots?

    Me too, Been a size 11 since I was 11. Mighty fine gesture. Well done 10 man points too you 1 CallsignSam 2. Johnnyboy1971 3. sandbender 4. Munkiboi182 5. Dark Horse Dave 6. Buckshot 7. Billyblade 8. Dogoak 9. Harvestman 10. HillBill 11. Presterjohn 12. Swotty 13. Jiffi. 14 weekender 15 hiho9...
  2. jamin

    new axe shafts

    Hi guys I have been looking for some axe shafts and can't find any suitable online . Dose anyone know of a online supplier,l I don't have a e bay either. Looking for a 28" x2" and a 28" x 2 1/2" there for my scouts to fit and use. Cheers. Jamin
  3. jamin

    Birch Spoons

    Well done pall 10 points
  4. jamin

    What did u get from bushy Christmas ???

    Howdy. Everyone looks like they got some nice things. I received uncle rays new book. A ben orford flatter curve spooner a large silki folding saw a power kite which I had a play with today was really good. Lots of socks.
  5. jamin

    Which spoon carving knife to start?

    I would say the mora 106 is brilliant and ben orford knifes all the way for spooning. Her in doors got me the flatter 1 for Christmas and it needles to say is the muts nuts . I have had the mora spoon knife but gave it up as a bad job. The flexi cut knifes are all right got a left and right hand...
  6. jamin

    Crafty Secret Santa 2013

    Sent mine today, hope it's liked :-)
  7. jamin

    Pruning cut method

    Howdy. I have also been tough the second cut (web link). But I was thought to space the cut 1 and cut 2 out the width of the branch. And it works. Any 1 else do this.
  8. jamin

    Crafty Secret Santa 2013

    DaveBromley 18+ Gift suitable for any age and happy to post to EU) Stringmaker 18+ (Gift suitable for any age and happy to post to EU) Tengu 18+ Mousey 18+ [my gift will be suitable for under 18] Mesquite 18+ (Gift suitable for any age and happy to post to EU) Welchyd1 18+ MattF 18+ (my gift...
  9. jamin

    Lincolnshire meets

    hi, dont think there is much about in the shire. i do a bit of looking about in the woods of the a46 as i live in birchwood. also i go to walesby forest and help out on there crew doing trees and bushcraft sessions too
  10. jamin

    Elwell 7.5lb English felling axe.

    howdy. its 4.5" eye. its been re handled yesterday. took a while to find the corest size shaft. also got some danish on it too. its used almost every day for splitting firewood. sadly have to give it bk to the owner. he got it from carboot £10. hope to get my paws on it again sometime soon as i...
  11. jamin

    Elwell 7.5lb English felling axe.

    Only a real man can swing that one.
  12. jamin

    Elwell 7.5lb English felling axe.

    Look what i got guys!!
  13. jamin

    What Bushcraft video have you watched that you rate? our take of a 'bushcraft' video just out in the woods hammocking. then it snowed.
  14. jamin

    what are these

    people i have asked have said planting dibbers i thought a fire poker or somthing
  15. jamin

    started making and fitting a ash axe shaft.

    my first shaft made. works well. got a bit of a ash hord going on and a back log of heads.
  16. jamin

    what are these

    i have found these at work, i asked 1 of the older guys he says he thinks its a"plank spade" but dosnt know what 1 of those is. we have 4 of them in a old pumping station. any ideas guys.
  17. jamin

    Hats! what's on your head?

    And you name will always be HATS
  18. jamin

    dad 50th pirthday present, help needed.

    howdy guys, in the look out for a present for the old fellas 50th. was thinking a nice leather belt but cant realy think of much else for the man who has everything. hes a outdoor'ie, shooter, tree surgeon type of guy. any sugestions apriciated. cheers guys.
  19. jamin

    Does anyone make proper coffee in the woods and how?

    if its just coffee for me then i use my smart cafe cafetiere , if there is a group then i use aplastic filter holder and a paper filter into cups or where is available
  20. jamin

    "Bushcraft" Axe Conundrum (Hultafors Classic Hunter vs. Gransfors Small Forest)

    have a view at these been thinking of getting the 700g 1