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  1. TheLegendMaster

    Tap Material Changing Birch Sap Colour

    I thought I would share a mildly interesting thing I encountered when collecting birch sap recently. I was trying a new tap style and made one out of damson wood, which is Prunus, and the bare wood of which turns orange in the air. The result of this was that the sap itself was absorbing some of...
  2. TheLegendMaster

    Backpack Hip Belt

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased the Swedish SK35 from and have been looking around on ebay and such for a hip/waist/blast belt to attach to the metal frame to make the distribution of weight a bit more favourable but all I can find are some US Army ones coming from America...
  3. TheLegendMaster

    Limitations of a Young Bushcrafter

    Hello everyone, I am a young bushcrafter looking to expand my activities. I'd like to start camping and doing things in proper woods as up until this point I have worked solely from my garden which, diverse as it is, doesn't fully satisfy me. I am sixteen and would like advice on purchasing...