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  1. Humpback

    Open canoe wanted

    And if that doesn't suit I have a trusty symphony 16' in blue with airbags and also well used but still regularly used by me as tandem boat. (Selling as too heavy to lift for me solo). Used in tandem for last 5 years on Scottish expeditions with friend. I now have (bought today) a solo boat. I...
  2. Humpback

    Lewis Hamilton

    Just watched him on BBC news. Great driver. But is he believing his own publicity too much? First the ear studs. Now the bulldog. Has he caught Christopher Livingstone Eubanks Syndrome? (Just musings of an old fart)
  3. Humpback

    how do I prepare and cook leavened bread?

    Petrochemicals: Take a look at youtube's 'artisanbreadwithstev' He makes no knead bread and I've had good results with his recipe but found I need to reduce the quantity for my set up ie 3.5 cups flour down to 1.75 with the other ingredients reduced by 50% too.
  4. Humpback

    Oh Dear, the Daily Mail has discovered Military Mart.

    Here's a hopefully missing 😃for post 12
  5. Humpback

    Scotch eyed (barrel eyed?) augurs for making campcraft items

    Biker, that's an interesting solution. Thanks for showing a photo otherwise I would never have grasped the concept. Ta.
  6. Humpback

    White Rose Wood 19TH to 21ST September

    Sadly this clashes with a trip to Verdun so see you next time Alan Karl Alex and family (TBC) Hubs Tank (& Noah TBC) pieinthesky (TBC) + Daughter maybe
  7. Humpback

    Rough Close Meet November 06 - 09 2014

    By adding your name you acknowledge that you have read and will comply with post #01 of this thread and accept that it can (and probably will) be edited before the Meet ... and include this line in the paste. 1. decorum 2. Mesquite, Friday evening to Sunday 3. Gary and Debs 4. Humpback
  8. Humpback

    This ultralite chair looks familiar

    To stop the legs on this copy or the genuine one use four tennis balls with cross cuts (x). Works very well. Question: how to de fur the tennis ball? Alan
  9. Humpback

    What part of what shellfish is this?

    Belgian chocolate seashell
  10. Humpback

    Hello from San Jose, Costa Rica.

    Welcome to the club. I'm very envious of your country's bird population, must be great being in the woods with the creatures used to you. Alan
  11. Humpback

    My DIY hooded blanket shirt

    Very nice. Where did you get your pattern from? Alan
  12. Humpback

    Hobo fishing????

    Rod licence is not required in Scotland I belief has the law changed?
  13. Humpback

    Britton wood meet 22-25 August Bank holiday weekend

    What's the car parking like
  14. Humpback

    Peak District meets nr Whaley Bridge

    Pete I'm not available for the August dates but may be able to do October's. I don't do Facebook so can I book via this forum at the appropriate time?
  15. Humpback

    What is in your medical/first aid kit, show and tell

    Deleted ........ Thread has moved on , so will I Alan
  16. Humpback

    Puzzled by a imperial tape measure

    A naughty is 2.5 square roods😜 Alan
  17. Humpback

    What is in your medical/first aid kit, show and tell

    I carry antiseptic for festering arguments sorry wounds! Alan
  18. Humpback

    Puzzled by a imperial tape measure

    Fractions of a chain. 66ft=22yds
  19. Humpback

    3 NEW sporrans - Reindeer & Sheepskin

    What are the dimensions please of the Sunburst pouch?