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  1. Aliwren

    New posting of knives legislation proposed

    Apologies if everyone knows this already but just found this article from a few weeks ago saying the government is now seeking to ban the postage of knives to private addresses and instead they will have to be collected in person with id...
  2. Aliwren

    Ray Mears 2017 talk tour dates released hopefully the link works
  3. Aliwren

    BBC4 10pm tonight Handmade in Japan

    Program tonight about traditional Japanese sword making looks interesting.
  4. Aliwren

    Ray Mears Super Tarp

    New Kit but at £130 I dont think I will be replacing my Tatonka anytime soon! :eek:
  5. Aliwren

    Duluth Bedroll regular/standard

    Had this less than 24 hours!! Bought in this thread: SOLD Its a great bit of kit but it is the regular/standard size which is a tad short for me so passing it on for the same I paid £140 including postage and fees. Paypal preferred but...
  6. Aliwren

    Bear Grylls Clothing Range!

    Walking through Blacks yesterday I spotted a shirt with the Bear Grylls Logo! It seems that he has teamed up with Craghoppers to bring out a range of clothing for outdoor use. Not too much info around yet but I have been impressed with craghoppers kit in the past - I think its called 'the...
  7. Aliwren

    Good news: missing member Found - previously Some bad news: missing member!

    This message was posted yesterday on Britishblades by a member. I have been in contact with the original poster as 'Stevie' is also a forum member on here (since 2005). They have requested that I let people on here know as the more prayers the better. I hope this is ok mods . Many Thanks...
  8. Aliwren

    Woodlore Woodsman shirt reduced.

    The Woodlore woodsman shirt has been reduced to £95 on the woodlore web site. I think this shirt has been discussed in detail on here before as I remember posting about it - tried it tested it and love it. Was £125 before...
  9. Aliwren

    Translation from Norwegian please

    I have just received 2 bottles of waterproofer to try and fix my leaky tipi from Bison Telt problem is the instructions are in (I think) Norwegian. :confused: They say: Duken an behandles bade i fuktig og tort vaer. Strykes pa med pensel eller du kan bruke en sprayflaske. Dusj pa et jevnt...
  10. Aliwren

    My Login proceedure?

    I select my shortcut which takes me to the home page Enter my user name and password (leaving remember me tick box blank) This then takes me to a 'Webpage not found' page I have to click the back button to get to the home page Then Click on the forums tab and I am in!! This is long...
  11. Aliwren

    Interesting day on a combine harvester

    Just had a really interesting day sat on my mates combine harvester getting the rape crop in. The amount of wildlife was amazing - there were dozens of rabbits, 3 foxes, kestrels were circling and picking off mice which were exposed. A huge bird of prey (buzzard?) swooped and took a rabbit...
  12. Aliwren

    Lifting the lid on Woodlore! 5orry couldnt resist:lmao: Useful of useless?? Edit - erm this link may not be working it seems (on my computer anyway) that the BCUK homepage is over-riding the link I posted to the Woodlore Site...
  13. Aliwren

    New Bushcraft book

    Just been sent this link to a new bushcraft book which is on pre order. Anyone know more about it?
  14. Aliwren

    Great hand product 'Climb on'

    Bought a tin of this recently and can highly recommended it for bushcraft use.,0,0,1%7C100%7C The blurb says: Climb On! Bar is a completely pure (synthetic & petrochemical free), powerful skin...
  15. Aliwren

    Fundamental Bushcraft 15-21st July?

    Is any one else going on this one? Has anyone who has done the course any tips or advice? Two weeks to go and Im really excited and slightly nervous now!!
  16. Aliwren

    Paramo offer!!

    I have to confess that today is the first time I have clicked on any of the adverts :rolleyes: Anyway one of the Paramo 15th Birthday offers on the right is buy one of their long sleeved trek/travel shirts which costs £50 and get a short sleeved shirt RRP £40 for free. Seems a good...
  17. Aliwren

    Source for exped dry bags?

    Can any one recommend a shop/web page where i can get exped dry bags at a reasonable price please. I am after a couple of different sizes. Many thanks.
  18. Aliwren

    Woodland for sale

    Just noticed this over on British Blades -thought there may be interest here ;) Ps just to be clear I have no involvement etc!
  19. Aliwren

    wanted - nokia 5140i phone.

    Now sorted many thanks to eveyone who reponded.
  20. Aliwren

    'Sorry' seems to be the hardest word!!

    I dont appear to be able to type 'S-o-r-r-y' into messages. See this thread. Looks like Bam has the same problem.