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    Best and worst boots you have owned.

    Best in Summer for fell walking Zamberlan Trail. Best in winter Lowa Super Camps if a little heavy. Worst Berghaus from 10+ years ago. Can't remember the name but they had diamond shapes on the sole which were treacherous on wet rock. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    I visited Auschwitz today

    I visited in 1994 when I was interailing. I understand the "no birds" and "numb" comments. There was a deep quietness about the place and frankly how can someone express feelings about what happened adequately without feeling numb. I can't say I enjoyed it but I'm glad I went. I saw the rooms...
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    heads up dutch oven

    The Asda picnic bbqs are now going for £7.50 in the Reading Asda today. Had to buy one. Website says out of stock though.
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    Out of town, Jack hargreaves

    I bought these DVDs a while back. What a fantastic window on the past. The farm jumble sale is fancinating. Marvelously slow and measured and free of todays instant gratification that seems to abound.
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    Insulated Mug recomendations

    My vote is for the Lifeventure thermal mug. It's tough, works well and slides nicely into a stuffed pack. 9 quid at any outdoor shop.
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    "Waterproofing" Cotton/Polycotton

    You can also make your own version of "Greenland Wax" using beeswax and paraffin wax both available very cheaply at your local hobby shop. Very easy, cheap and effective. You can finish the garment off in the tumble dryer and you get that lovely stiff quality in he material when finished. I've...
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    Top 5 Knots?

    You could narrow it down to 3 ( a bend, a hitch and a knot), but examples like the Evenk and the Cawley are so handy it's difficult not to include them. I can only honestly get it down to 6. 1, Evenk slippery hitch 2, Bowline (the best all round knot ever IMO) 3, Round turn and two half hitches...
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    what's your prefered pocket knife? + pics!

    This is my favourite You don't spare the oil with these.
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    recommend me a good outdoorsy film

    Anyone mentioned "Touching the Void"? Otherwise know as touching cloth. This is about as bad a situation as you can be in.
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    Canoeing and Kayaking laws

    Would recommend checking out the Canoe-England website for information on access, including the legal position. Joining the British Canoe Union (BCU) will grant access to quite a few rivers and canals, and for about £33 a year is a bargain if you canoe regularly (no affiliation etc).
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    Storing cured meat/bacon?

    I can certainly recommend having a go at Hugh FWs cured ham. In fact I thinking about doing this again this year only last night. I've done it twice now, following Hugh's instructions in the River Cottage Meat book. Basically you buy a ham, bone it, squash it in salt for a few weeks. Then wrap...
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    Bark River Knives

    I only have 4 - Mikro, Northstar, Rogue & OMF. All quality knives but as has been said, the older sheaths are not so good.
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    Hammock rings ?

    This is a good place for hammock bits amongst other things.
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    Tinder Fungus? Identification Please & Tips

    Here's some tinder fungus I saw in Scotland last week.
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    what size zebra billy for hobo stove

    I was unable to find the Asda drainer for the 12cm Zebra in my local stores. I got a suitable sized biscuit tin from either TK Max or Wilkinson's (can't remember which) that fits the bill. As it's a plain tin with no holes you can control the airflow better (so I'm told) with holes cut at the...
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    Bramble Proof Trousers - help....

    I'm a beater this time of year so leg wear for brambles etc. are important to me. I used to have some Harkila chaps but they were too light and ripped on barbed wire. The fasteners were not very sturdy and when going through serious brambles they would pop open. I got some 3/4 Barbour chaps for...
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    fjallraven poncho

    Mine packs away fairly small. Here a pic next to an Opinel No. 6. Hope it helps.
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    Squeaky boots

    I had a pair of unnaturally squeaking boots due to a puncture in the heel. Air was being forced out every step I took which made a high pitched farty squeak. Was fixed with a bit of super glue squirted in the hole.
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    Tarn Fishing

    I seem to remember from a Hugh F-W program that many of the tarns have Arctic Char. No idea what they look or taste like.
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    Zebralight - the best head-light?

    If I get another headtorch I'll be heading for divorce. I could say it's for the kids.