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  • Hey Guest, We've had to cancel our 2020 Summer BushMoot PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information.
  1. Neil68

    Who is coming to the Bushmoot?

    Cheers Ogri, I think I need to get an eye retest! See you at the Bushmoot.
  2. Neil68

    Who is coming to the Bushmoot?

    Hi Stuart, This has probably been posted and I missed it but could you tell me if I have to pre book tickets for the bushmoot or can I buy them on site? Also, where is it being held? Many thanks, Neil68. __________________
  3. Neil68

    Fungi Forays

    Doe anyone know of any myco groups or foray/walks in North London? Cheers, Neil.
  4. Neil68

    Bow drill - Bearing block

    What about a shaft bearing from a gearbox?
  5. Neil68

    Pillows & Water carriers

    I used to carry a couple in my bergen which I used for what you've described! It took me ages to get the taps off, I think a vice is the best way. Discard the crushed tap and then cut the bag of another tap. I know this is a bit wasteful but you'll have fun collecting enough material to make an...