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  1. Stingray

    Footpath Checking

    A quick hop over the back fence and a walk to check the markers on one of the paths we have not been on before.Only a four hour walk but good fun with number two son.Most of it was OK but a few stiles gone and some markers needed at some points. Photos are a bit...
  2. Stingray

    Dutch oven on charcoal stove

    I wanted to make my dutch oven a bit more versatile and portable by using it to cook on a charcoal stove. Here's the culprit...... and here's the stove.... I wanted to be able to cook stews ect so I had to make a giant pot cosy.... The dutch oven sits very nicely on top.... So...
  3. Stingray

    Hanging Bear

    Don't really want to wake up to this !
  4. Stingray

    Hammock left hanging

    On a sunny day (remember them :rolleyes:) I stuck my hammock up in the garden for a test run. I've gazed at it longingly since,through the rain soaked windows of April and May. It's a DD frontline and I'm very pleased with it...but...will it withstand being left outside in this,let's...
  5. Stingray

    D of E

    Sent number one Son off tonight on his two day hike. He was complaining about the weight of his sleeping bag.I told him to ask his friends about it in the morning :D Wish I was going with him.
  6. Stingray

    Nesting Cup for Guyot Standard

    Mine arrived today.very pleased with it.Good service again from Lakeland Bushcraft. Now then. I need a metal mug..folding handles...tight fit. Looked for the GSI ones but a quick google wander didn't show any suppliers in GB. Help anyone.Doesn't have to be GSI,just a good fit. :) (oh..and...
  7. Stingray

    ,,and they're off...

    ..tomorrow morning. 1x1200 Sporty,1x Superglide and 1x Bonneville.Tents on the back.Aiming towards the New Forest and Devon for the weekend.No routes planned and nothing booked.Panniers full of food and well trusted meths stoves.I've even left my folding chair off.(I know how to rough it :o I...
  8. Stingray


    As I smoke a pipe I'm interested in any natural UK sources for things to stuff in it ! Preferably not the narcotic type.I know most of those. Are there any natural things out there? that I can puff away on without killing myself (excuse the irony). Regards..
  9. Stingray

    Cobalt stove

    Recieved mine today from the States (3 days) Very impressed.Small and light,boils water very fast.A useful tool for my bike rally kit. I bought it after seeing it on this site.Well done ...
  10. Stingray

    Quick intro...

    Hello all.Been lurking for a while but thought I'd join in now the weather's improving.Very interested in all of the camping and minimal carrying aspects as I attend a few rallies on my battered harley and like to carry everything on the bike that I might need.No burger vans for me! Excellent...