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    North Wood Bluebell Meet April 27~29 2018

    Could I put my name down, please? I'm not a regular on here any more, but I know number two on the list, if that helps. Thanks, Ant. Entering your name would indicate you have read and accepted the above guidelines. please include this line in your paste. 1. woodspirits 27~29 2. Diamond Dave...
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    Peak District Bushcraft Meets 2017

    It's been a good long while since I posted on here, and a good while since I got out for a bushcraft weekend, but I'd like to attend the October weekend if possible? Ant
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    what car you driving?

    Ford Galaxy for moving the wife and family around, and a lifted and modified Suzuki Vitara as my greenlaning and wild camping toy.
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    What have you learned recently?

    I learnt that my plant id sucks royally, but I'm working on it so hopefully I'll soon be able to say 'I've learnt all about plant id'.
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    Bicycles - what do you have?

    My old one (pre shed break-in :(), and one of my favourite photos: My current one (same model and a direct replacement), On*One Inbred with XTR drive train, Marzocchi 'spension and disc brakes: And my 40th birthday present to myself - Graham Weigh cyclocross bike (affectionately refered to...
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    Sub Zero forum

    Can I re-post this thread here?
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    Budget soft shells?

    +1 I have a Regatta soft shell, and I pretty much live in it. Canoeing, mountainbiking, walking, camping, kite flying, I even work the doors in it. I've had it for a few years now, and I love it.
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    Wild Camping

    I do it quite regularly. There's a thread over on bb about one of out nights out.
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    post a picture of yourself

    Me, cooking in t'woods, amid a kit explosion, apparently.
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    Is it wise to carry a whistle

    That's definitely a good point, and one I'd not thought about.
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    Is it wise to carry a whistle

    Good point well made. I'll be whistle shopping tomorrow.
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    Is it wise to carry a whistle

    Our local outdoor shop was selling off aluminium whistles a while ago for a pound, so I bought a few. Also have a couple of the Nato Solas whistles.
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    Is it wise to carry a whistle

    Pm me your addy and I'll send you one.
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    Is it wise to carry a whistle

    From what a mountain rescue bloke told me a few years ago, the wiki is wrong. It is often quoted that the distress signall is six blasts 'over a minute', but it isn't. It is six sharp blasts, wait a minute and repeat. The correct response is three hard blasts, pause a minute and repeat. We...
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    Whoop ive actually won something

    I think they actually come pre-seasoned. Well done on getting your letter published.
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    Best Bushy Memory of 2011

    Have a few, but hopefully the best is still to come. Taking my son out for the night on boxing day with all the kit he hopes he's getting for christmas. (He is, but shhh!! don't tell him). :-)
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    New things that you plan on trying or doing in the new year

    I have a big year planned, so big it'll even run into the following year. I'm going to change my job, I've worked as a nightclub doorman for the last ten years and I'm thoroughly sick of it. I have taught bushcraft in the past and I'd like to get into that in a bigger way. I've also just joined...
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    Which watch ?

    I have a Casio WaveCeptor radio controlled solar powered watch my dad gave me a couple of years ago, and an original old Animal watch which I've had for many years. Santa's bringing me a Nite MX10 this year, wanted one for quite some time now.
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    Firesteel Neck/Belt Pouch.

    That looks the bollards, well done. Wish I had skills like that. Ant
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    My kit over the years (Very Pic Heavy)

    Can you tell me more about the Panda bow please? Like Grey Owl says it looks like a bundle bow, but any more pics and/or information would be nice. And I really liked the kuksa. Thanks for sharing, you are a tallented men. Ant