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    Hammock Suspension Question

    Hi. I'm planning to make my own hammock as part of a lightweight tarp & hammock set up and I was hoping that someone can help me out with the design. Two whoopies and a hammock ridge line seems to be a common way to hang. What I'd like to do is make the whoopies & ridge line all in one ie...
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    Hi - Free Nan Bread Tip

    New member here. After buying a woodgas stove, I needed a knife to prep wood: not something to scare Crocodile Dundee just a wickedly-sharp, wood-working tool. I started reading around the forums and found - a great source of info :) Love rough-stuff cycling in Scotland. You...
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    Nan Bread

    What is good bread? Good bread comes from good dough. If you knead a mixture of flour and water for 15 mins or so, this helps the protein in the flour to form into long strings. These long strings of protein create a spongy texture which traps pockets of air. When the dough is baked, the...