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    The local woods beckon- but where do you all go?

    The idea of going out into the woods for a night or two is familiar to almost everyone on this forum, and I agree with you all there's nothing like spending time in the woods, and being close to nature. But where do you all go??? What I mean is what woods do you go to? Are they privately...
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    ME windstopper fleece

    I know it's not a traditional piece of bushcraft kit, but i've just bought myself a Mountain Equipment jacket and it's just brilliant. I was apprehensive about spending so much on it £100 but it's well worth it. Will
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    Best 'first time' bushcraft course

    I went to the wilderness gathering last summer and I admit I'm hooked on bushcraft. So what's the best 'first time' course to go on? Hopefully I should get lots of opinions on this one! I've got infomation on several schools and am tempted by a Woodlore course, but they seem excessively...
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    Spoon making

    I managed to get hold of what I thought would be an ideal piece of wood to turn into a spoon with my new Mora knife. Following Ray's instructions to the best of my abilities. However, the bowl part of the spoon is in the same place as a knot in the piece of wood. This is frankly damn annoying...
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    Land rover as a first car?

    Hi there, I'm 15 and am now starting to think about my first car. Would a Land Rover be a good idea? (an old one, can't afford anything new) Anybody with any experience of keeping older Land Rovers? Will
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    A Lancashire meetup?

    Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Bushcraft meetup in the Lancashire area? Perhaps a weekend in a local forest. Does anyone know of a suitable site? Will
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    Woods in Lancashire

    I was wondering if anyone has found anywhere decent to practice Bushcraft in Lancashire? Anybody know of any dcent sites? Will
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    First Time Bushcraft Knife

    I'm looking for a first time Bushcraft knife. Woodlore recomends a Mora knife. It looks great, has anybody got one? Can anybody recomend a good one? Will