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    The local woods beckon- but where do you all go?

    The idea of going out into the woods for a night or two is familiar to almost everyone on this forum, and I agree with you all there's nothing like spending time in the woods, and being close to nature. But where do you all go??? What I mean is what woods do you go to? Are they privately...
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    whoopee, another 2.5 acres !!!!!

    Congrats! now comes the cheeky there any chance i could use it once in a while? as i can't seem to find nowhere in Lancashire that has any potential as a Bushcraft wood. In return i would be more than happy to help you out with it's maintenance etc, and odd jobs that need doing in...
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    Expedition summer 2006

    Hi there, I've been away and have only just read about the expedition. It sounds great, and if there is a place count me in; i'm free all through summer 2006. On the Sat. phone issue; i believe they can be hired for expeditions, which would obviously be much cheaper than buying one...
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    ME windstopper fleece

    I know it's not a traditional piece of bushcraft kit, but i've just bought myself a Mountain Equipment jacket and it's just brilliant. I was apprehensive about spending so much on it £100 but it's well worth it. Will
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    Making Torches

    Hi there, I'm sure that Ray was using some kind of sap in a split stick to make the torch Will
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    Best 'first time' bushcraft course

    I went to the wilderness gathering last summer and I admit I'm hooked on bushcraft. So what's the best 'first time' course to go on? Hopefully I should get lots of opinions on this one! I've got infomation on several schools and am tempted by a Woodlore course, but they seem excessively...
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    Spoon making

    I managed to get hold of what I thought would be an ideal piece of wood to turn into a spoon with my new Mora knife. Following Ray's instructions to the best of my abilities. However, the bowl part of the spoon is in the same place as a knot in the piece of wood. This is frankly damn annoying...
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    Top Kit

    Top 5: Frosts Mora knife 58 pattern basha-bombproof Maglite Land Rover Defender Ray Mears Essential Bushcraft Will
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    Duke of Edinburgh's Award

    That's great. One point from a 15 year old taking part in the DoE. Be prepared for loads of enthusiastic students who want to do the expedition, but wont want to do the rest of the award! It should be a really rewarding experience for you. Anyone who volenteers themselves to look after...
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    The (Wilderness) Gathering???

    Yep I'm going. Basha for me and a Storm Shield tent for my friend. Not sure what to expect as I couldn't go to last years. Still haven't got my badge tho. Anybody got any ideas for anything that would be useful, or any stupid things that I shouldn't bring? I'll be with another irritating...
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    Land rover as a first car?

    Hi there, I'm 15 and am now starting to think about my first car. Would a Land Rover be a good idea? (an old one, can't afford anything new) Anybody with any experience of keeping older Land Rovers? Will
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    A Lancashire meetup?

    Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Bushcraft meetup in the Lancashire area? Perhaps a weekend in a local forest. Does anyone know of a suitable site? Will
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    A little survival situation

    It's great to hear of bushcraft coming into use in a practical situation that couldn't be avoided. Some people wouldn't have known what to do and could have got themselves into serious trouble. It just shows how a small amount of know how can go such a long way. Will
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    How does Joe Public perceive bushcrafters?

    I find peoples perception of bushcraft quite amusing. I'm 15 and attend a secondary school. Most students have never eaten anything that hasn't come out of packet from safeway. Most seem to find the idea of killing a rabbit in the field and then eating it disgusting! I find there is two main...
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    Woods in Lancashire

    I was wondering if anyone has found anywhere decent to practice Bushcraft in Lancashire? Anybody know of any dcent sites? Will
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    Paracord is cheap and can be bought from Field & Trek and Cadet Direct. Both have online shops. Will
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    First Time Bushcraft Knife

    Thanks very much for the info. Think I'll buy a Mora Trainer and have a look at the Wilderness gathering. Will
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    First Time Bushcraft Knife

    I'm looking for a first time Bushcraft knife. Woodlore recomends a Mora knife. It looks great, has anybody got one? Can anybody recomend a good one? Will
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    Wilderness Gathering

    I'm booking two places for the full weekend tonight. I'm going with my friend and don't know quite what to expect! Are there any other members going of my age? (15) Can't wait to go it sounds great. Could anyone tell me what last years gathering was like? Will