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  1. Cyclingrelf

    All season family camping

    Hi all, my husband and I have a two-year-old and would love advice on the best set up for camping as a family in winter as well as summer. Our initial thoughts were a bell tent and stove. What do you all think, and can you recommend particular makes of tent/shelter? Sent from my SM-A300FU...
  2. Cyclingrelf

    Searching for the best mince pie recipe

    There are some pretty good ready-made mince pies out there these days, so has anyone got a recipe that makes it really worthwhile making your own? I've been experimenting with very short (buttery) pastry flavoured with sugar and orange zest, which is pretty good. Haven't made my own mincemeat...
  3. Cyclingrelf

    Tablet weaving bushmoot 2017

    I shall be teaching this ancient and very portable type of weaving again this year. My beginners course teaches students to make a simple decorative wrist strap in a double-faced weave (patterned on both sides). The strength of the weave runs along the length of the strap, making it suitable...
  4. Cyclingrelf

    Adventuring with children

    I recently became an (older!) parent. Not wanting to give up adventuring, I thought it would be useful to share tips and kit folk have found useful when taking their kids on trips. It may not be possible to do quite the light-weight, carry less by knowing more trips we could do pre-baby, but...
  5. Cyclingrelf

    Bioluminescent fungi

    I've been out camping for the past 6 days and noticed this where my husband had pulled up an old rotted stump: Apparently, there are more than 75 species of known bioluminescent fungi, but I'd never seen one before so was delighted with my find :)...
  6. Cyclingrelf

    App to identify flowering plants

    I've just seen this My phone is down at the moment, but has anyone else tried this app? Any good?
  7. Cyclingrelf

    Plucky old lady

    Here's a nice survival story That old lady definitely has the right mentality :) Sent from my C5303 using Tapatalk
  8. Cyclingrelf

    Bushmoot 2015 photos

    I've put a few photos up on Flickr, would love to see any other people took.
  9. Cyclingrelf

    25 mile open sea kayak - picture heavy

    Sennen on the mainland to the Isles of Scilly Where it all began This trip all started in July 2012 here After the accident by Susannah Relf, on Flickr As I lay in bed and looked to the future, I figured I was going to need something to motivate me to get back to full health. I needed a...
  10. Cyclingrelf

    Down DIY

    We've got 5 terrible stained down pillows from rellies house. I've put them all through the washing machine and tumble dryer, so the down is clean and dry. Was wondering about trying to make a down sleeping bag? Or anyone got other bright ideas for uses? Tips would be helpful too. Thanks!
  11. Cyclingrelf

    Nettle fibre shenanigans

    I've been trying to extract lovely soft nettle fibres for weaving. I have seen pictures of what they should [correction, Toddy says the below is just "smash". Frankly, I'd be pleased just to get this at the moment!] look like: But I am struggling with the process. I understood it might be...
  12. Cyclingrelf

    Basket weaving tutorial

    I've just discovered I can use the pallet straps we get on our orders at work to weave baskets. Thought I'd write a tutorial for anyone else interested: Square to round basket weaving tutorial by Cyclingrelf, on Flickr
  13. Cyclingrelf

    Tablet Weaving Workshop 2015

  14. Cyclingrelf

    Tablet Weaving Workshop 2015

    It's past time I ran this course again! I can manage 3 or 4 mornings this moot but I can only make the first week. This time, I'll sort out students at the morning meetings. If anyone who has already done this course would like to have a go at more complicated designs, come chat to me at the...
  15. Cyclingrelf

    Extracting fine fibres (for textiles) from nettles

    I'm currently investigating making some nettle thread - the soft stuff made with the white fibres rather than the coarse stuff made with the entire skins. While I was hunting, I found these videos that take you through the whole process of extracting fibres from flax, which is a really...
  16. Cyclingrelf

    Do any trackers know what this jelly is?

    I've noticed bits of jelly lying around in tablespoon-sized heaps and wonder if any of you know what makes it? Mostly, it's lumpy jelly a bit like frog spawn with no eggs in it: but I did see one heap of squiggly jelly as well:
  17. Cyclingrelf

    Free oak galls, natural wood stain and Easter eggs

    I am currently carving a spoon shaped as a snake wrapped around a stick I'd like to stain the stick and the snake's eyes a darker colour. I tried painting them with coffee and tea, but that washed out...does anyone know any natural wood stains and how to apply them? Thanks! Susannah
  18. Cyclingrelf

    Meteorological office snow map of observations from the general public

    I found this the other day on the meteorological office website: It's a map of snowfall over the UK, and you can contribute information from your own areas.
  19. Cyclingrelf

    Something a bit rare and unusual

    Hello, I'm told this little fellow is something of a rarity and you folks might like to see him. He's a common frog (Rana temporaria), but his rarity is in his colouration. He's a partial albino I found minding his own business in a field near where I live With beautiful golden eyes...
  20. Cyclingrelf

    Another quinzhee inspired by jon r - picture heavy

    Inspired by jon r's successful quinze, I had a go at building one down here on the Land's end peninsula - a Cornish quinzhee :) First, I marked out the overall shape, then dug out the snow. Apparently, if you build on existing snow there is a danger that the layers of snow will have different...