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    Whats your Bush Camera?

    lumix compact for me,like others ive humped around everything from 6x7 pentax thru slr but got fed up with their bulk.more than happy with the lumix.
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    USB Powerbanks

    i have this one that seems to last well.
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    pm sent,look forward to trying it !
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    Mad Dave's "Just Because" COMPETITION *****COOL PRIZE*****

    Skaukraft - 4 Gray - 7 Salad- 9 Jinsin456 - 9 dave89- 10 Nomad - 11 John Fenna - 12 Ivan - 13 Bilmo - 14 Stringmaker - 15 Barn Owl - 17 vek 18 Didicoy 19 CharelesLockerbie 20 andybysea 22 Pauljm116 - 23 Will_ - 24 Bill- 26 Albus Culter - 27 Outdoordude - 28 Marmite - 29 Dwardo - 30 Shewie...
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    Cheap canvas stuff sacks

    many thanks for the link,bought 10.:thanks:
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    Swedish Army Optimus Spirit Stoves

    mine has too :thankyou:
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    Good information about emergency mobile phone use.

    excellent info,im learning more stuff everyday :)
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    heads up - bargain priced insulated jackets

    thanks for the heads up.:thankyou:
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    ghillie, storm or kelly kettle??

    i have the 1 ltr ghillie. as others have said it is a bit bulky but boils up fast. easy to add fuel to,nice bit of kit.
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    hi to you all from south yorkshire

    hi to you all from a newby eager to learn & help if poss.
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    Crusader cup lids FS.

    hi,i do you still offer the lids,if so i would like 1 in aluminium please
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    Mk2 Bilbank Bags

    could i have 2 please