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    24hr Ration Packs - Group Buy Bargain!

    Received with thanks.
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    24hr Ration Packs - Group Buy Bargain!

    I have sent you payment for mine
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    Big Ultrafire torch

    i will also pass offer now withdrawn good luck with the sale.
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    Big Ultrafire torch

    if this still for sale ill take it
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    Surplus Italian Military Blankets

    yes please you have pm
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    Gamo springer opinions please? Are Gamo rifles any good?

    IMO springer rifle needs a good trigger, get a HW with a rekord trigger.
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    Any belt makers?

    rancid badger made me some custom leather belts, they are superb.
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    Rope storage and carry

    Kelly Harlton and Mors Kochanski for paracord
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    Has Anyone Waxed a Canvas Pack?

    i am just about to do the same thing using this guide
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    Completely theoretical question on FAC air rifles....

    you would need to open up the transfer port to see the real benefit of stronger hammer spring
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    Remington dog bell,

    yes please you have pm
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    2 Quart Canteen

    you have pm
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    Solar Brief Case 12 V 2W

    i' ll take one please you have pm.
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    Mixed clear out

    Three BMI traps 55 110 and a 116 not used but have been hanging in the shed for years £20 for all three me please pm in bound.
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    paramo cascade trousers, the ones with side zips. paramo cascade jacket. i run hot too so its important to layer under the jacket properly, i find a high wicking top is sufficient for me.
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    Trap building

    i thought so too,a simple but clever idea.
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    Trap building

    you can see alot of these types of traps being built on youtube with various "triggers" employed but rarely do you see anyone actually catching anything. however the best "bushcraft" trap i have come across is this one now this guy CAN trap ! check...
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    Trap building

    what would you trap with it ?
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    Pressure cooker recipes?

    anyone recommend what pressure cooker to buy i'd like to try out some of these recipes?