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  1. Crowe

    Hi any old soldiers about? "Shellscrape" question

    Hi Rapp. I think the pam you may be looking for was from the series 'Field engineering and mine warfare'. This was sponsored by Royal Engineers and was on a limited scalng to Infantry units. Basic size 6 x 2. one spade deep with one foot of turf laid front and back. Firing parapet 9...
  2. Crowe

    Measuring 3 inches (non-locking); law and practice?

    The blade length as in a svord may well be in excess of the cutting edge which (to me) implies that 'B' measurement is the standard. How about a pizza cutter wheel?
  3. Crowe


    I heat my canned food in boiling water. However the label these days is affixed with a glue that dissolves and sticks to the side of my Billy can. So I now have to remove the label, glue and clean the can before I go out to the woods. BTW Not seen a metal coat hanger for a number of years now.
  4. Crowe

    Weber GoAnywhere BBQ

    I'd have thought for that money the brightwork would be stainless Steel not plated metal
  5. Crowe

    Planning Edale / Peaks Campsite Recommendations?

    There is a camping barn there which might be appropriate to your needs, especially if wet. IIR it does not get much use. Near the Edale outdoor centre
  6. Crowe

    Ebook readers

    Be careful with Samsung the memory is only just enough to hold the Google operating system 8-9 gig. Leaves no room for apps !
  7. Crowe

    An evening walk in the wood

    It's that magical time when colours change to shades of grey and the night creatures begin to become active with rustling and hoots. The noise a person makes is unwelcome. Time to sit and be quiet and reflect on the day.
  8. Crowe

    Condensed milk and cream

    Mary had a little lamb. She milked it with a spanner. Milk came out in shilling cans. Little ones a tanner Boom boom
  9. Crowe

    Wanted Poncho liner/Woobie

    Check the sizes. A snugpak jungle blanket is a good choice
  10. Crowe

    What did you buy today?

    I'm a retired paramedic and used to keep mineon a piece of oxygen mask elastic anchored to my jacket. Sort of hi tec ranger cord. It would break my heart to loose shears like that. Nice gear !
  11. Crowe

    Map Geek

    Me too. Is that sad ? ' The man with a map, has a window to adventure'
  12. Crowe

    Keeping warm feet

    Deep heat or oil of wintergreen on the soles of you feet ! Yes it works because it promotes circulation.
  13. Crowe

    Blood pressure monitors

    An electronic device may have an error. But it is consistent and is good for recording. When you go to the doctor / nurse, bring your record and device which can be compared, calibrated against manual or electronic at the surgery. Manual measurements reveal a lot more than just blood pressure ...
  14. Crowe

    issue softie jacket and trousers

    Boots to match ?
  15. Crowe

    SAT Burner Lid Seal Issue - Help!

    A hydraulics supplier will have an oil proof seal thy carry a range Take the burner with you to explain and size diameter and thickness.
  16. Crowe

    Norfolk and Norwich Group

    Morning all. Is there anything going on for 10/11 June ?
  17. Crowe

    REALLY reproofing an army poncho.

    Is that half a tube as in toothpast ? Or as in 310 ml cartridge ?
  18. Crowe

    Tay Forest 3 Day Christmas Hot Tent

    Nice TR. Wow hot tenting in Narnia. Thanks for taking us along
  19. Crowe

    Compass Fluid Top-Up

    Some compasses use medical liquid paraffin. Check existing fluid first Crowe
  20. Crowe

    Navigation question, working out pace cards- Maths.

    Pacing is good and accurate on the level to about 500 metres. But you're going to be spending all you time counting ! Better still is speed time distance equation. Much more accurate over 500 m and works with maps of any scale.