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  1. woodsorrel

    Bushcraft diary

    Yes, I keep a journal. It has proven extremely valuable. I record things I observe, questions to research when I get home from the trail, notes from classes, the location of wild edible plants, etc... When I am disciplined, I use the Grinnell System. Since I am bad at art, I paste in...
  2. woodsorrel

    Fallkniven f1 cos

    I have greatly enjoyed using my F1 in VG-10. I just strop it to keep it sharp. But if I needed to sharpen it, I would use wet/dry sandpaper, a sharpie, and a mouse pad. Here is a review of the F1 in VG-10. - Woodsorrel
  3. woodsorrel

    Fallkniven f1 cos

    I brought my original F1 with me on a recent trip to the arctic. I appreciated the hidden tang in the cold weather. Like gra_farmer mentioned, the original design speaks to me in a way the later versions do not. But it's a matter of personal taste. I'm sure you will enjoy either one. -...
  4. woodsorrel

    2020 plans

    My 2019 goals were: 1. Do a camping trip in the Tahoe National Forest to track American Black Bear 2. Visit Yosemite National Park to hike to Sentinel Dome and to Ostrander Lake 3. Spend a week in the arctic to observe polar bear and arctic fox 4. Do at least one ultraviolet hike 5. Learn...
  5. woodsorrel

    Bird Of Prey...

    Broch, deer have the same ability to see UV. Because I love to observe wildlife, I also wash my outdoor clothes in a detergent without scent or chemical brighteners. If you have a UV flashlight, you can use it to examine the clothing you wash in regular detergent. You will see the residue...
  6. woodsorrel

    Starlink -satelites

    Janne, right now everyone builds their own spacecraft independently. Small spacecraft = small mass = lower costs to launch = less expensive. So there is no movement to build larger orbiting platforms. For Low Earth Orbit spacecraft (below 600 km) I believe there are regulations that they must...
  7. woodsorrel

    Bird Of Prey...

    The explanation I heard for this is that they can see urine trails from the small mammals they hunt. If you have ever used a UV flashlight in your bathroom, you can understand why. Animals like voles have "runs" they commonly use to move about. Seeing in UV would help the bird see the trails...
  8. woodsorrel

    Starlink -satelites

    I will try. There are two reasons that immediately spring to mind why this may not be practical. Thermal design Space is a vacuum, so spacecraft cool through radiation. There is no convective or conductive cooling like we experience when we are hiking in a cold wind or lying on frozen...
  9. woodsorrel

    Starlink -satelites

    There are three companies that plan large LEO constellations. I expect this will become a more common sight in the future. I have very mixed emotions. Fast Internet communications from anywhere in the world is a noble goal. And seeing satellites streak overhead is always a treat. But when...
  10. woodsorrel

    Bat detectors

    Yes, I used the two mentioned in the article below. I thought the cell-phone based one (Echo Meter Touch 2) was awesome and easy to use. I especially like its auto-classifying feature. The Ananbat is more of a scientific tool. -...
  11. woodsorrel

    Bushcraft/Survival Books?

    Here's a list of bushcraft books you might like. There are "survival" books in some of the other lists on the same site: 2019 Bushcraft Book List Another option is to assemble a library of books that cover individual skills in depth. I find I get more complete information that way. Hope...
  12. woodsorrel

    Blogs and blogging

    I wonder about that too, slowworm. There certainly seems to be a lot of attrition. My hope is that they're just spending more time outdoors. :) - Woodsorrel
  13. woodsorrel

    Blogs and blogging

    Mark, I author a blog. It has actually grown into a popular website in the United States. I also run free hiking trips and training classes in conjunction with California State Parks, US Fish and Wildlife, and the Sierra Club. I use the blog to spread the word. I originally started it as...
  14. woodsorrel

    Down or Synthetic

    I am trying to decide whether to switch from a synthetic to down bag. I am looking at a high-end down bag. And the 20-degree(F) bag is a full pound lighter than my synthetic bag, rated for the same temperature. A pound is not a trivial amount of weight. But the cost difference is not trivial...
  15. woodsorrel

    But.... do you use it?

    Yes, I use my "fancy" knives. I learned my knife skills using the Fallkniven F1. It is a forgiving knife that saved me from myself when I abused it. As my knife skills improved, I graduated to a more expensive (note I did not say better) knife. Part of it is vanity, another is the pleasure...
  16. woodsorrel

    Down bag disaster!

    One option is to sew or patch the hole and then use seam-sealer, like with tents, to prevent down from leaking out the holes. - Woodsorrel
  17. woodsorrel

    Wanted Kephart Knife

    Dan1982, here's a slightly lower priced alternative. The maker seems to have a good reputation for quality. I've heard good things about his work. You will need to wait while he makes it to order. - Woodsorrel
  18. woodsorrel

    Wanted Kephart Knife

    I have a Bark River Kephart in CPM-3V. I like it very much. You can find them on a number of websites in the US. There are a variety of handle materials to choose from. - Woodsorrel
  19. woodsorrel

    Beautiful knives.

    But do they have squared-off spines to work with a firesteel? (Joking!) :) I've seen obsidian knives made by descendants of the Ohlone People at cultural gatherings near where I live. I'm impressed by the ingenuity and craftsmanship. But I also appreciate what an incredible advance steel...
  20. woodsorrel

    Lose your knife, lose your life!

    I spent a weekend practicing traditional skills with Native Americans in the San Gabriel Mountains of California. I used my Fallkniven F1 a great deal. We smoked salmon, carved ceremonial canoe paddles, cooked bannock over the fire. When I returned home I swear I unpacked the knife with my...