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  1. skate

    Wild camping and metal detecting.

    What I decide is rubbish is ring pulls and tin foil etc. Maybe these items will have some context in the future but I can assure you farmers don't want them :) Responsible detectorists only dig in the land already disturbed by ploughing so "in situ" is a moot point. It is very sad that people...
  2. skate

    Wild camping and metal detecting.

    Having a strong interest in both metal detecting and bushcraft I would like to bring some balance to this thread. Firstly...Nighthawks. The bad boys of detecting. There are plenty of these idiots around just like there are plenty of wild campers who destroy the enviroment and leave beer bottles...
  3. skate

    best wood for a bender tent

    Hazel or willow. They are the two traditional trees used. The better you get at constructing benders the less twine you will use.
  4. skate

    Oddest things found in the woods?

    One of the strangest things I have found was a lock picking tool. It was deep in a forest well off the beaten track.
  5. skate

    Exmouth Area.......

    I shall be out of the country between 29/03/15 to 15/04/15. Besides that "I'm free" :)
  6. skate

    Cornish RV 3rd to the 6the April

    Was hoping to go but will be out of the country so not this year :(
  7. skate

    Exmouth Area.......

    I would like to come along to any local meet if i am free when it happens. Don't really have any permissions of my own at the moment. Will keep an eye on this thread.
  8. skate

    3 foot tent or taller - or illegal!?

    Could this 3ft rule relate to the construction of tents for sale? Bivys and tarps are not tents so don't come under the same rule. Just a guess :)
  9. skate

    The last ever Time Team

    Watched them do a dig down my way on an old mill. All seemed nice enthusiastic people. Probably seen every episode made. Shame it has finished. Always felt the proper work was done by geophysics and Stewart Ainsworth. The actual digging was just proving them right or wrong.
  10. skate

    First Solo overnighter coming up

    One of the enjoyable reasons for sleeping outdoors is to hear all the different sounds. Personally, the very last thing I would do is use ear plugs. Embrace the difference.
  11. skate

    Trail /Ambush Camera Traps.

    I have been researching these recently and one of the most important specifications is trigger time (how quickly the camera reacts to movement). My research leads me to Bushnell being the best value although you will need to spend at least £200 for a good one. Some good revues on YouTube.
  12. skate

    Anyone going to the Cornish RV?

    Great weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  13. skate

    Anyone going to the Cornish RV?

    I'm going :)
  14. skate

    Work And Woods Jan 2014...

    Haha no.28 balancing a tilly lamp on my head. Thanks for a great time Ivan and family. As always a real pleasure to spend some time in the woods with you. My new 4x4 dd tarp provided a veritable palace to spread my mess around in and will be my preferred residence from now on.
  15. skate

    What have you learned since being on the forum?

    I have learnt that all forums with a large membership suffer the same problems. I have been involved with several forums in other walks of life and this one is no different. We are all different and show this in many ways.
  16. skate

    Chalk Ford Walk...

    I recognise that spot. Isn't that where the deer farm is? I think your middle name is Jammy. I bet you don't even want to camp there, just have more permissions than anyone else :p Well done anyway and let me know when I can join you for a camp there and a shower under that waterfall.....NOT :)
  17. skate

    Toys Up The Woods...

    I could do some damage to those roasties :) Good to see your mum strutting her stuff again. Have a look at this link for making some shooting sticks for the boys. Cost next to nothing and work really well.
  18. skate

    New Permission Work and Fun..

    I would gladly except your offer, kind Sir, as I have lots of new bushy toys to try out :) Could you possibly be the man with the most permissions on BCUK :D Maybe a wheelbarrow is needed for that burr. Hopefully it will lose some weight now it is free from it's bath.
  19. skate

    New Permission Work and Fun..

    Nice burr! Looks like everyone is having fun. Woods look nice as well.
  20. skate

    Our Christmas Lunch!!

    Bad show old fellow...hats on at the dinner table. I think standards are slipping :) On the other use of a hatchet this year. Hope it's been a great day. My stomach is tighter than a camel's balloon knot in a sandstorm :) Best wishes to all, catch up soon.