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  1. TarHeelBrit

    MWK whisk broom

    Nice job there. I have one I made and I used it to brush the patio table off when the wind would blow ashes all over the place from my wood stove. Easy to make but damn useful.
  2. TarHeelBrit

    Bcb crusader

    I'll second what TonyUK said about ebay and the Crusader lid woodlorien makes them to order and I have one for my Mk1 cup, fits perfectly. He also has lids for the ToC British Army mess tins.
  3. TarHeelBrit

    What do you use for spoon templates

    Plasticard is your friend here. It's sheets of A4 size plastic in varying thicknesses easy to cut with a knife or scissors. Have a look in your local model shop or online at Hannants.
  4. TarHeelBrit

    Recommend a new image hosting site please!..

    My problem with photo bucket isn't connected with it 3rd party posting but just lately it got so slow, I've only got 175 images there, but it take the home page about 2 minutes to load and half the time it says done and half the images don't load. I've been using Imageshack and it's 100% better.
  5. TarHeelBrit

    My wife of 16 years passed away tonight.

    Many thanks for the kind words everyone. You might not think of it as much but it actually does thank you. That's how we were, our respective families have either passed away or simply not interested for what ever reason. Hug you wife Stuart, tell her you love her never miss a...
  6. TarHeelBrit

    My wife of 16 years passed away tonight.

    In our hotel room suddenly. We were about to test her blood sugar when she convulsed and fell to the floor there she passed away. I'm not sure what I'm going to do as regards moving on or not as she was my morning sun and evening moon. thanks for many years of friendship and laughs. malcolm.
  7. TarHeelBrit

    Polished powder / drinking horn

    **EDIT** Please disregard. I was interested in it until I checked on the CBP (APHIS) website. Good luck I hope it goes to a good home soon.
  8. TarHeelBrit

    Double thickness handkerchiefs

    They just showed up. My wife is very happy with them especially the blue one. She thought it was a solid blue and was blown away by the mottled finish. She asked me to pass on her sincere thanks,she love them.:You_Rock_
  9. TarHeelBrit

    Oh bugger, think I just bought a house!!

    Oh yeah!! once the 'honey do' list is at least shortened I plan to make full use of the garden and woods. Thanks mate, much appreciated Hah! I wish. I think they're taking it with them. Besides $15000 off listing price is better that a smoker BBQ, who know once we're done their might be...
  10. TarHeelBrit

    Double thickness handkerchiefs

    Looking good Richard, When my wife decided on 2...then 3 I thought it prudent to get another DPM/Orange as she keeps eyeing my first one. I get the feeling it might 'disappear' if you know what I mean.:) By the way she really likes the blue one.:thanks:
  11. TarHeelBrit

    Oh bugger, think I just bought a house!!

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Now we just have the waiting period for title searches, appraisals etc.
  12. TarHeelBrit

    Oh bugger, think I just bought a house!!

    That one! oh good god no, wouldn't touch that thing with a barge pole, Debs on the mend thanks she seemed to have perked up when we got the call that they had accepted our offer. This house we lucked out on it had a new roof and new hot water heater, furnace and A/C unit as of May-July last...
  13. TarHeelBrit

    Oh bugger, think I just bought a house!!

    We found a nice 4 bed 2 bath bungalow and we put in an offer. They countered, we countered back they countered again we countered again and the next thing we knew our estate agent is on the phone saying they accepted our offer. Gotta love my wife. One thing she promised was a back garden...
  14. TarHeelBrit

    Double thickness handkerchiefs

    Hello Richard, My DPM/Orange showed up today. It's great, thanks. When my wife saw it she logged on here to see the colours available. She would like 1 of each shown in the photo. So 2 in 50x50 size please. Thanks, Malc.
  15. TarHeelBrit

    Woodgas type stoves?

    I've got one of the ten quid ebay ones and it's my wifes favourite for chilly evenings on the patio. She likes it because I quote "even I can get a good fire going". Here it's fired up using cat litter wood pellets.
  16. TarHeelBrit

    etsy - anyone use them?

    Both my wife and I have bought numerous things on Etsy and never had any problems with either sellers or the site itself. I wouldn't hesitate to buy on Etsy after one quick check on the sellers feedback. You pay with Paypal so you should be covered in the unlikely event of things going south.
  17. TarHeelBrit

    Wolf creek forge

    Very nice, you've got a piece of kit that will outlast you. Lisa makes some excellent items. I've got three of her strikers and they throw some great sparks.
  18. TarHeelBrit

    BCB Firedragon gel tablets and stove

    I found this stove a while ago and quite like it. I line the burn tray with foil to aid clean up. If I was over there I'd be all over this deal as it's a lot cleaner and less smelly that Hexi or Triox tablets. One thing I did do was to get some wide clear packing tape and cover the foil...
  19. TarHeelBrit

    Whats the point of the cord/string around the top of a issue bivvy bag?

    +1 on what Ian said. I have a hemp cord that closes the top of my Veshmeshok pack when I first got it it was so damn stiff I thought I was going to rip the pack or break the cord. I thought about replacing it but it loosened up nicely. Replace the cord and you'll be fine.
  20. TarHeelBrit

    How to stop soot burn from forming on the Crusader mug?

    I see Tony beat me to it. A used tea bag works wonders for cleaning soot/gunk off of your mug or mess tin. As other have said Hexi is messy I used the fire rope meths idea on my Crusader cooker. Works wonders and very little if any clean up.