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    Exmoor next week - what to do?

    Heddon valley is great a nice flat walk to the beach and the hunters inn pub there is great. Combe martin is also werth a trip fantastic crabfishing in the rock pools. Woolacombe bay has a massive beach and the red barn pub is great. You must also drive from hunters inn along the coast road to...
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    How many knives for a bushcraft trip.

    Next time i go out i will take a mora 120 and my smallest axe weighing in at 300g.normaly i would normaly take my dave budd knife which is kind of like the 120 but much longer and a silky zubat.
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    Basketry, Scotland.

    Hi i could be up for this depending on the price.
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    Recommendations for a handmade leather belt

    Check out half goat leather works, Hamish makes great belts
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    Meet in January/Febuary?

    Cool hamish will be back from france early next week then we can hopfully get a plan together.
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    Ash for axe handle?

    Ive got some ash you can have, got loads that will do for you. Could bring it up some time if you like.
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    Meet in January/Febuary?

    Ye i recon we can come up with somthing. How about a trip to a bothy?
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    Day Out Lakeside lunch

    Looks like a good moment thanks for sharing it.
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    I could point you to some nice spots but unfortunatly i do not live in that area anymore.
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    A Walk in The Hills and Woods (picture heavy)

    Looks like you had a good trip out. Most of the snow has missed my area so far hopfully we will get a good load soon.
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    I want to run blacksmithing courses in Glasgow

    Ye will be a good day out and looking forward to meeting a few new people
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    Woodlanders (film series)

    Thanks will check them out
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    Making a home made tarp?

    Thank for the advice. Toddy i think you might have recomended that place to hamish resently were going to have a trip there some time early next year.
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    Making a home made tarp?

    Hi folks Im very soon going to be making myself a tarp from waxed canvas. But im finding it very difficult to find some good strong cotton or linen thread. I have used some polyester thread resently to make a small bag which would definitely be strong enough but i think it could let water...
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    Sweden - Pathfinder Survival Course with Dave Canterbury

    Thanks for the write up. Looks like you had a great time. Dave Canterbury seams like a desent fella from what i can tell from his vids maybe one day i will get to meet him my self. Its a shame some folk have to get all uparty about things, at the time you were going along with the course and...
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    Chaga or burl?

    best to leave clean cuts unsealed, trees will develop their own barriers to protect themselves. taking that burr off that tree will kill it even if it takes a few years to die.
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    Crazy idea - bronze laminated blade?

    how about building up layers of brazing on the sides of your blade then grind to the final shape.
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    Wee camp out at Loch Trool

    i have just started gold panning so was just having a go. there was almost no gravels that i could get to, the river was mostly big rocks but i did manage to find a little bit that i could put threw the gold pan. didnt find any gold but there might be some in the area due to the geology. i...
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    Seconds Sale

    well i would like to be scend in the quew for the axe hahaha
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    Carving a mushroom in seasoned pink ivory wood BY HAND

    nice work. cant wait to see it. you will be bringing it to the next meet?