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  1. boney gumbo mcgee

    What did you buy today?

    Just received two Romanian army plash palatkas, delighted with the quality. 34 euros delivered. And no customs to pay. Happy days.:)
  2. boney gumbo mcgee

    Big brother and little brother Skrama.

    I like my Skrama too. A mid version one sounds great, look forward to seeing that too.
  3. boney gumbo mcgee

    A Nessmuk style knife

    Outstanding! really like that blade & the scales are very nice too. goodjob
  4. boney gumbo mcgee

    Wanted: Swiss trangia

    Is it the Swiss army Meta 50 stove you were looking for? Like this one.
  5. boney gumbo mcgee

    Part 2 of the Woodlore Fundamental course review

    Thanks for sharing your review, it was interesting to hear your views on it, I look forward to the next part.
  6. boney gumbo mcgee

    Sold Tahr XP (Aegis) NEW

    Hi. You might want to rethink your asking price, you can buy this smock from the Ray Mears shop brand new for £395.00 Good luck with your sale...
  7. boney gumbo mcgee

    New UK Specific Hammock Forum

    Thanks for setting a new one up Gadget, I too missed the old site I shall pop over and sign up.
  8. boney gumbo mcgee

    Soviet Axe anyone?

    Forget your over priced GB axes, Varusteleka have some quality axes, gotta love their honest reviews and pictures. ;)
  9. boney gumbo mcgee

    Hornet behaviour

    I don't know much about them, but they do seem to love a large Eucalyptus tree in one of my clients garden, they go to it each summer and you can hear them from a fair few feet away, they never bother me though when I work near it.
  10. boney gumbo mcgee

    wanted oilskin or waxed canvas haversack

    Hi. I spotted this one on etsy. No connections etc. Its from a seller called 3TreesProducts if you copy and paste that in to etsy it will pull up his shop. I couldn't get a link to work for some reason.
  11. boney gumbo mcgee

    Sold Trent Knife & Tool (TKT) 'Allen' 4" Field Knife

    Just clicked on your site and it works for me, nice work btw.:)
  12. boney gumbo mcgee

    Carvers Block

    Combs, toggles, guy rope runners, walking stick & staffs with some detailing.
  13. boney gumbo mcgee

    DD Tarp updates

    Yeah I have noticed the updates on their range, and I am hoping they bring out the 3.5m x 3.5m tarp in coyote brown, but it seems that the new range of products is being brought out in Green or their version of mcam.
  14. boney gumbo mcgee

    TW Poncho, Hammock, Tarp

    I bought it from them a couple of years back, the dimensions are 3m x 1.8m and it is a double layered ripstop nylon in woodland camo. It might be worth giving them a shout to see if they have one kicking about, but It seems to me that TW's stock has been dwindling of late, hardly any choice of...
  15. boney gumbo mcgee

    TW Poncho, Hammock, Tarp

    A versatile bit of kit there, good price too. I have a tw xxl hammock that I love, I can get a really decent flat lay using it.
  16. boney gumbo mcgee

    Making a leather jerkin

    Excellent work and report with pics on the process so far, look forward to seeing the end result, I have hankered after one of these for work and also wince at the £100 price of the repro's I have seen from Silvermans.
  17. boney gumbo mcgee


    Don't know if you have been there of late, but its now been preserved as a historic ruin after english heritage took it on, and they have eco-lodges next door(bit posh for me though).
  18. boney gumbo mcgee


    You are not far from me too, I am just across the way in Clophill. I will send you a pm mate.
  19. boney gumbo mcgee


    Hi, another one from Bedfordshire here, I am in Central Beds and am spoilt for choice of woodlands luckily, I am happy to meet up for a walk, chat and a brew sometime.
  20. boney gumbo mcgee

    Wheres the parachutes hiding?

    Always the way, like you say on the plus side you don't have the mesh panels, which reminds me I need to sew some material over mine. Good luck with your new chute.