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    For Sale Benarus Moray

    1. ITEM: Benarus Moray 2. CONDITION: Good Used 3. EXTRAS: All the gubbins! Spare metal strap, rubber strap, tools, wrap, new bezel, spare clasp, cleaning cloth, wrap. 4. LOCATION: Derbyshire 5. PRICE: £390 all in. Will consider other watch trades. 6. DESCRIPTION: A used but in good condition...
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    Bushcraft and survival books

    Hey up Dave. I also messaged you a bit back about two other books, are they still available?
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    Wanted Benchmade Deep Carry Pocket clip

    I have one spare. Drop me a message.
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    Which is the best KANTEEN and why?

    I recently got a chute mag insulated bottle, it’s flipping awesome. I have normal chutes as well but the lid gets in the way which is a bit annoying at times. The magnet sorts that out on the mag version.
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    Sold Nitecore EC4S

    This is still available. Just to be clear, this is a floody throw. It lights up everything in front of you like car headlight!
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    Sold Nitecore EC4S

    1. ITEM: Nitecore EC4S 2. CONDITION: Good used 3. EXTRAS: lanyard 4. LOCATION: Manchester 5. PRICE: £35 all in 6. DESCRIPTION: A very bright(Cree XHP50 2150LM), 2 x 18650 torch which has served me well for some night time dog walks. It's in good nick with no dings (any shiny bits in the pics are...
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    Knives - Crazy prices

    Could I go for the mini barage in satin please?
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    Sharps for Sale

    Scandi forest axe also arrived today. Nicely wrapped up and in good shape! Cheers!
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    Sharps for Sale

    PM'ed regarding the Scandi Forest Axe!
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    MOOT Delivery/Post - Awesome SAWYER MINI FILTER - IMHO Everyone should have one +

    Mine has arrived. Looks like an excellent bit of kit! Thanks for doing the GB.
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    MOOT Delivery/Post - Awesome SAWYER MINI FILTER - IMHO Everyone should have one +

    Am I too late to add a filter + postage? Thanks, Bill
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    Leatherman, axes, scopes

    Scrap that. I got a bit giddy and thought it was something else!
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    Leatherman, axes, scopes

    I will take the scope please!
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    Bushtool 01, kydex sheath.

    Hi Rob, I have sent you an email!
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    Offroad Bicycle Lights

    The magic shine lights are really good. My friends that use them at least once a week for riding in the peaks swear by them. Check out Deal extreme. Cheap as chips.
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    Anyone used

    I went on his survival course earlier this year and he was a really nice bloke. Had a good chat about axes with him, and at the end of the course he gave me one he had made himself! I am sure you will get it sorted out.