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    Tilley Lamp Identification ?!?!

    Hello all. My Tilley X246B lamp - I'm finding that the jet of paraffin is somewhat intermittent. I often have to close, open, close, open the valve and waggle it a bit before I'll get a jet of paraffin to the burner. What's that about? I need to replace the open/close thing? Andrew
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    Tilley Stormlight advice

    Hi, thanks for this. I'll need to strip the gold paint off anyway, whatever's underneath, so I think I'll use nitro mors for that. I'll ask Tilley what the tank's made of. If it's brass then it'll polish up a treat. I've got some Autosol for that, and for the steel bits, and the black top...
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    Tilley Stormlight advice

    Hi everyone, I'd like to get my dad's old Tilley X246B working again - it's been in the loft in its box for probably around 20 years. It looks to be in reasonable condition, except there's a lot of gunged-up paraffin around the pump, what appears to be gold paint is flaking off the whole...