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  1. grey-array

    Input for a new Knife Design

    Hey Janne, Yes indeed it is I am currently finishing my Industrial Product Engineering Course from Uni. And indeed a folder would be rather unlikely, but we can Always prefer so thank you for sharing your thoughts anyways! Yours sincerely Ruud
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    Input for a new Knife Design

    An amazing amount of responses so far, keep up the good work! Perhaps there are some people back from the long weeks work looking to unwind and weigh in? And naturally there going to be limits varying from country to country, I will most definitely be taking a look in to that. But first I just...
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    Input for a new Knife Design

    Hey everyone! Much appreciated for all your opinions and preferences. And do keep them coming! I will try and keep you up to date us much as possible but I am not sure what the restrictions on that are, as in what information Morakniv would like to keep indoors until the process has been...
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    Input for a new Knife Design

    Hey there fellow bushcrafters it has been a while! for those who not yet know me my name is Ruud van Tiel and I am currently doing my thesis project in Mora, Sweden with Morakniv. I am in the process of developing a new knife with a wooden handle, destined for the outdoor branch. We are looking...
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    Sycamore Cooker

    Looking good Kepis, and might I say, coming back to the forum in a way too long time and being greeted by some of your spoons, that greeted me on my initial introduction to the the forum is a welcome nostalgia. Good to see you are still kicking and making these awesome spoons. Yours sincerely Ruud
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    DIY Blacksmithing video series

    Hey There Andy, had a look the past week ,great stuff mate, really enjoyed that and when I get around to setting up shop with a forge I most certainly will make me a firerake to your instructions great stuff mate! yours sincerely Ruud
  7. grey-array

    My latest shirt

    Heya John looks Stellar! need to get myself a fine sewing machine for proper fabric sewing as my current machine is a bit of bull in a china shop if you know what I'm saying (and adler 30-1 cobblers machine) and brushed cotton superb, nice and silent as well. Need to get me some of that stuff...
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    Crafty Secret Santa 2016

    Received my prezzie, Thanks Santa! How did you guess all my sizes correctly they were all bang on XD got myself a paracord belt with amazing attention to detail, a wristband, and a small leatherpouch which just happens to fit the belt and wristband perfectly XD Photo's soon ^^ Yours sincerely Ruud
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    Rab Quantum 800 Endurance Down Sleeping bag - Mint Condition

    Looks like a good bag Mick Pm Send
  10. grey-array

    Looking for a Mini-griptilian

    Still looking might anyone still have one they looking to trade or sell
  11. grey-array

    Finishing suggestions for Mahogany (Congolese)

    Hey Thomas, I would reckomend getting your hands on Tung oil, and try to get the non synthetic stuff if you can as it is way superiour as a wood finish. apply about 3 coats, one coat a week. I guarantee you it will be one of the nicest finishes you have ever seen and felt, can say to many good...
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    Looking for a Mini-griptilian

    Superb thank you mate! I will give that a go
  13. grey-array

    Looking for a Mini-griptilian

    Dear Gents and Ladies, I'm looking for a benchmade mini-griptilian or a normal sized gritilian might you have one to spare please send me a message Yours sincerely Ruud
  14. grey-array

    Blade, Jacket and Watch - more added

    Feared so XD And I took a look but its just not the kind of stuff I'm looking for. Thanks for the reply though!
  15. grey-array

    Blade, Jacket and Watch - more added

    Hey there roguetrooper, just to check, longshot incoming XD You already parted with that mini-griptilian or are you still in possession of the beaut? Yours sincerely Ruud
  16. grey-array

    Crafty Secret Santa 2016

    1, Dave Bromley 18+ will post anywhere 2, Mesquite 18+ will post anywhere - Address sent 3, Crosslandkelly. 18 + will post UK - Address sent. Gift ready. 4, Bilmo. Any age, Anywhere. Address sent 5, Madriverrob 18+ will post U.K. Address sent 6, Mousey, I'm 18+ [unfortunately] post to uk, gift...
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    Industrial sewing machines? Confused

    Heya Spandit, Any luck yet, I only just saw this so might be a bit after the fact here. Cause were you looking for a electrically driven machine? I currently have a Adler 30-1 standing around which is a variation on the very common singer 29k. and that allows you to do absolutely everything...
  18. grey-array

    Bought another lathe!!

    That looks like a super cool thing to own John, endless possibilities and all. Would love to own one like that one day, hope you will share your future projects with us as well. Cant wait to see what you will be making with it! ps Hamish with one of those you can so many things it becomes...
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    Leather tooling questions

    Hey Mick, If you are refering to the nice crisp tooling you see done by a couple of the great makers on this site, sadly there arent that many types of leather that actually hold the tooling well. Vegtan is the leather of choice it could be either pig or cow, or even goat but its the...
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    Latest interesting leather projects :)

    Love it Hamish, top job yours sincerely Ruud