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  1. hog


    Spray paint a black one any colour you like.
  2. hog

    Traditional kit

    Some people are talented but this takes it to a much higher level.
  3. hog

    Crimbo Carving Creation

    Fantastic work.
  4. hog

    From the stick whitling book.

    Just for fun.From the book (see here)
  5. hog

    So what did Santa bring you?

    I think Waterstones distributes this book.Great and simple whitling not carving.
  6. hog

    So what did Santa bring you?

    Penknife and book, happy I am.
  7. hog

    Ray mears

    A raincoat.
  8. hog


    Great stuff and I know that Uncle Ray has a pretty full calender but it would be great if he showed up at the course for a meet and chat.
  9. hog

    Best bargain watches?

    Yup Casio all the way, even if you pay 100 Quid for one you will have a hard time busting it, you will realy have to go out your way to destroy it. Worth every pence spent.
  10. hog

    Trousers (warmish)

    I just wear normal cargo trousers at work with a pair of womens 20 denier thickness tights (footless ) underneath and it is very warm and wind proof. Will keep me going this winter as nearly all my work takes me outside into the harbours here on the I sle of Man.
  11. hog

    Play on Folder

    Thanks for all the input. At the end of the day it is probably not worth the hassel to try and fix this knife and will just use it till it is useless, then get a propper one.
  12. hog

    Play on Folder

    Yes it is a 110 type lock.
  13. hog

    Play on Folder

    Good morning Folks. A quickie before I go to work. Does anyone know how to fix up and downward play on a folder. It is a 'Buck' look alike from India, quite a substantial knife I rescued and would be great except this play. Many thanks Mark.
  14. hog

    Recolouring Antlers

    I think it is the inside powder from scraped birch bark.
  15. hog

    Smock for smock

    Does anyone want to swap a snow camo smock (for me) for a DPM smock in very good condition, will fit a medium frame. Many thanks.
  16. hog

    Jacket or Smock?

    Smock Smock
  17. hog


    Found some to suit, many thanks.
  18. hog


    Stew, that is a good idea but my skills are not that good to do that, it would be task enough for me to do a complete antler scale without the bolsters !!
  19. hog


    We dont even have deer on this island, nor badgers or adders...or squirrels, grey or red, sadly.
  20. hog


    No I have not, got to get cat litter so will have a shuftie. Many thanks.