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  1. cascare

    Zebra Billy's

    Hi all, Will i get 2 MRE meals in a 14cm zebra or will i need a 16cm Thanks in advance.
  2. cascare

    Stove build - If only I had the skills............

    God, i wished he lived in Darlo, what a great stove !!
  3. cascare

    Wet weather gear - kit talk

    +1 for Keela, been using their gear for years, no complaints here, made in the UK as well, Bonnie Scotland to be precise.
  4. cascare

    Hello from the North East

    welcome mate, just along the road from you
  5. cascare

    What did you buy today?

    a fjallraven singi 48, a firebox nano stove and some treking poles. amazon and guinness, not a good combo !!
  6. cascare

    Looking for a Rucksack...

    Ordered a new Fjallraven singi 48 yesterday, missed the posty this morning, gutted !! never mind try again tomorrow.
  7. cascare

    Coast to Coast for combat stress Final part

    Just watched these all tonight, great effort Nobby. Shame about yer boots and your woolworths carrier bag on your back, which like you said would have made a big difference. But you did it and for a great cause , well done fella !!
  8. cascare

    Axe & Saw Case

    Thanks for that just sent an email.
  9. cascare

    Folding bucksaw

    two tree crafts in the uk make them, good price lovely saw
  10. cascare

    Axe & Saw Case

    Shame, ive read nothing but good reports for his gear. If their is an upcoming maker for the axe, saw case i would be very interested in a couple of them, price dependent of course.
  11. cascare

    Axe & Saw Case

    His website is down to, hope its not bad news
  12. cascare

    Tilley lamp or Petromax

    Thanks for the replies folks, there are a couple of Tilley's that have come up local so will go have a look see.
  13. cascare

    Tilley lamp or Petromax

    Thoughts please. Looking at both, cant decide. Are they of similar brightness. Will be used at camp and a bit of night fishing. Thanks in advance.
  14. cascare

    Word association game

  15. cascare

    For Sale Svea 123 petrol stove

    Its sold pending funds, thanks for the PM's all answered.
  16. cascare

    For Sale Svea 123 petrol stove

    As new, been lit a couple of times. A very efficient little petrol stove. The twice its been lit, it was on Aspen fuel. Has the hand pump as an extra, unused, if you fancy venturing at altitude. Pot, handle, unused, with original box and instructions present. £85 posted. Can collect if you...
  17. cascare

    For Sale Army No. 12 Cooker

    New, runs on diesel, kero/parrafin. Ive only lit it once on parrafin to see if it works, as the pictures show not a mark on it. Bought with the intention of doing allsorts that never materialised. I would very much prefer collection as weighs approx 5kg. £150, cheaper than even the tattiest on...
  18. cascare

    Alpkit brukit cooking advice

    I have a brewkit and never had one problem with mine, and yes you can heat the BIB meals in them. As Tiley states good bit of kit.
  19. cascare

    Import tax

    Thanks for the replies
  20. cascare

    Import tax

    If I was to purchase a knife from Canada/ USA at £300 how much would I have to pay the posty before I got it ??