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  1. M4tt_1

    Down mats and 1 man tent???

    +1 on the sil minipeak and syn mat. Same set up for me.
  2. M4tt_1

    What's your Dog?

    X2 Jack Russell's + 1 Chihuahua (which easily holds it's own)
  3. M4tt_1

    DD group buy

    Won't be able to move for 'swingers' in the woods this weekend!....the hammocking variety of course 😉
  4. M4tt_1

    DD group buy

    Just got mine from the Postie too. Thanks to Sandbag and the guys at DD.
  5. M4tt_1

    DD group buy

    29. m4tt_1 1 x Frontline hammock OG, 1 x DD Tarp 3x3 CB. Thanks.
  6. M4tt_1

    Cheap DIY aquaponics system

    One of the simplest I've seen and good instructions for those interested in this area.
  7. M4tt_1

    recomend me a new bivi bag guys......

    I've got the Snugpak SF. Only managed a couple of trips with it so far but all seems well and I like the centre zip.
  8. M4tt_1

    R.I.P Frankie Knuckles

    Agreed Shewie his contribution was unique and can't be overstated. The king is dead...long live House
  9. M4tt_1

    Woman accidentally joins search party looking for herself No comment!
  10. M4tt_1

    Packrafting through croc country! A good read to help the commute pass.
  11. M4tt_1

    Hand Forged Firesteels

    Mine arrived today Andy. Many thanks.
  12. M4tt_1

    Hand Forged Firesteels

    1 for me please Andy. PM sent. Matt
  13. M4tt_1

    Snugpak Softie 10/12 sleeping bag

    I have the Snugpak Special Forces 2 bag and can't fault it so far. Only bought it at beginning of Jan and with the mild winter since haven't been able to test the comfort rating claims. Seems pretty toasty so far + it's UK made. I bought it from these guys -...
  14. M4tt_1

    Alpacka Rafts?

    Looks great...very jealous! How did you decide between this one and the Yak?
  15. M4tt_1

    Honey stove

    I also found the Honey Stove a little tricky to put together in the hexagon config. However after a few uses it now slots in to place no problem. A great bit of kit in my view and well worth a little perseverance to 'break it in'.
  16. M4tt_1

    inflatable kayaks?

    Congrats TP looks great. I've had an Alpaka on my daydream list for ages but so much ££££! Would be interested to hear your review of the Dragonfly. Where you planning paddling? I walked the dogs along the Witham at the weekend and thought at the time a paddle up to Lincoln and train back to...
  17. M4tt_1

    Newcomer -looking for wild camping spots in Lincolnshire & Cornwall??

    Hi Huwie, I'll send you a grid ref of a place in in lincs I've used a couple of times.
  18. M4tt_1

    backpacking light

    +1 I bought my Sil Mini Peak from these guys. Really good service and will def use again.
  19. M4tt_1

    Hi from Lincolnshire

    Hi, another new member close by in Newark. Matt
  20. M4tt_1

    New member - Newark, Notts

    Hi all, New Forum member and newb bushcrafter. Looking to learn and contribute back when I can. Matt