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  1. gb


    This is now sold! Thanks
  2. gb


    Was going to try some whitespirit but was worried about the micarta! Will give it a go, cheers. In the mean time some more photos:
  3. gb


    I think its residue from parcel tape as i opened a few boxes with it. I'll take some macro photos later this afternoon so you can see it more clearly. cheers, gb
  4. gb


    Price drop, £80 inc. pp and rmsd.
  5. gb


    R.J. Evans bushtool. Selling as i don't use it often enough. Red micarta scales and steel buttplate. No sheath, sorry! Dimensions: 215mm overall length. back of blade 94mm. Handle is 30mm deep at deepest point and 25mm at widest point along the spine/top. Blade is 3mm thick. Would like £80...
  6. gb

    Survival Aids Ventile.

    This is now sold! Cheers, gb
  7. gb

    Survival Aids Ventile.

    Bump! May also consider trading for a Tatonka polycotton tarp or similar.
  8. gb

    Survival Aids Ventile.

    OK that didnt work and i cant edit, trying again:
  9. gb

    Survival Aids Ventile.

    Additional pictures as promised: Any questions, please ask!
  10. gb

    Survival Aids Ventile.

    SOLD Hello all, I have a Survival Aids Arctic Ranger Ventile coat for sale. I puchased it on ebay earlier this week, but unfortunately it doesnt fit. Was advertised as a 38" chest which is my size, however, its very tight with more than 1 layer underneath. Here is the link to the auction so...
  11. gb

    ID of plants

    I think the top one is ground ivy Glechoma hederacea. Looks kinda big though, maybe its just a close up shot. cheers, gb
  12. gb


    Theres also 'the greyman of Ben Macdui' Ben macdui being the second highest Mountain in Scotland I cant find the link where i first read about, but search on google for 'greyman of ben macdui' or 'Am Fear Liath Mor', it should throw up some interesting stuff
  13. gb

    Amazing Electrical Storm!

    We had the same sort of thing here Tom, about 45mins of near constant thunder and lightning, and the lightining carried on after i could no longer hear the thunder which started at about 10.45. This was to my north and moving eastwards, so it was'nt the same storm but it was spectacular!
  14. gb

    Dartmoor Meetup - Archive

    I'm up for this one too :)
  15. gb

    The forums back!! Welcome to you all.....

    Wahey, the new forum looks great! Thanks for all your hard work Tony. Cheers :)
  16. gb

    Woodpigeons alarmcall.

    Ah so thats what the whistling sound is, cheers Burt
  17. gb

    Woodpigeons alarmcall.

    Along with the clapping of wings, they make a kind of whistling noise when they take off. At least the ones round here do :?:
  18. gb

    Flint Tools.

    I really want to have a go at knapping too, would this be a good starting point? Seems a bit pricey though, i might be better off collecting the materials and buying the book seperately?
  19. gb

    Swedish rucksack (military)

    I make it just over 12 inches or 31cm's. :-)
  20. gb

    Grohmann Bulk Deal

    One for me too please :biggthump