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  1. quietone

    Unsuccessful search for lightweight simple high leather boots, close to trail shoes flexibility

    Hey. Sorry for the late reply.. been dodging a certain type of human last few days :) Weighed the parks and they are 950g with the standard wool felt insoles.
  2. quietone

    Recommendations For (wood) Carving Blanks

    Hey.. What sizes, dimensions are you in need of? I guess I should rather ask what you're intending to carve? I have a few bits and bobs lying around in my woodstores. Very seasoned though, so they will be a little tougher to shape by handtools than fresh green. I've a fair bit of spalted monkey...
  3. quietone

    Unsuccessful search for lightweight simple high leather boots, close to trail shoes flexibility

    Hey again. Not sure on the numbers for the parks, but they don't feel a kilo per boot to me? I'll weigh them when I get home tomorrow. Your idea of resoling the austrian boots is a good idea. The construction suggests it would be straighforward enough, and a thinner vibram can be easily gotten...
  4. quietone

    Unsuccessful search for lightweight simple high leather boots, close to trail shoes flexibility

    Hey. Have you looked at 5.11 recon urban boots? They are very lightweight, and look sturdy enough. Though I'd have to ask how they would stand up to abuse in the field, over a period of a year or so? I did order a pair myself from polimil, but they could not get stock in time for me when needed...
  5. quietone

    Victorinox mods

    EDIT, just realised its an alox,,, silly me.... I would imagine it would still be a simple enough job to dremil off the rivets heads, allowing the removal of tools. Sorry I can't be of further help. Hey. I am guessing you want to remove said tools from the knife, and not add any others right...
  6. quietone

    Cold Forging 18th Century Fish Hooks.

    This week, I'll mostly be eating.....
  7. quietone

    thermorest Neo air

    Me too. Had one for a few years with no issues. Like above though, never lay it on the ground, under any circumstances, without protection. Its too expensive a risk. They do feel rather flimsy, and when you first shift your weight, or turn over on one, you may grimace, expecting it to pop. A...
  8. quietone

    Kuksa Wood

    I too have some spalted birch left, which has a really good spalting. Also some spalted monkey puzzle if you're interested. The puzzle is not as dramatic as the birch, and will also be harder to carve. Just settle the postage as suggested above like above. See attached images for an example of...
  9. quietone

    For Sale Therm a Rest Luxury Lite Cot Bug Shelter XL

    This still available? Has the price increased?
  10. quietone

    One-Cup Spirit Burner Brew Kit

    Very nice. Always extremely satisfying to fashion an item yourself. All the more satisfying when that item involves a brew, or food.
  11. quietone

    Forest School Closed - what is the story here?

    Yep. There is also the type of self professed bushcrafter that also has no clue. Apart from what he's seen the likes of bare frills do. That type can also rack up a fair share of damage to our woodlands.
  12. quietone

    Todays pouches

    Very nice. I too have been messing with leather, not recently, but still have plans to make some just like that. You've got to be happy with those.
  13. quietone

    Facelift for my old SAK

    That's a good job that. Not my cup of tea mind you, but can appreciate the aesthetics. Did you get the tweezers and pick in too? You say you were at axminsters... how were you able to resist spending vast amounts of money? I'm lucky I don't live near their store.
  14. quietone

    Just checking in...

    Indeed Mike. I'm hoping I'll still remember some of the useful stuff by the time he grows enough for him to appreciate it.
  15. quietone

    Modellers Corner

    Great thread. Some marvellous talent indeed. I've had this mortar vessel on the go for years. Though it's not had anything done to it for a good few years. I'm just too busy with other stuff, even more so now of course.
  16. quietone

    Look what I've just been given.....

    Oh, those are rather nice. Look like great tools. I'm not jealous, not at all. You could try rust converter on it? Then polish it up with something like autosol?
  17. quietone

    Just checking in...

    Hey everyone. I thought I'd just post a few lines by way of explanation of my lack of interaction here. Not that I was very active anyway. I certainly have not even lurked very much as of late. The reason being, is that I'm now a very proud dad to a perfect little chap called Sebastian. Those...
  18. quietone

    The "What is this bug?" thread

    Many thanks for clearing up the mystery for me :emoji_thumbsup: I searched for the Synanthedon hylaiformis, but it threw up no further info? but I did find Synanthedon scoliaeformis, which is, apparently called the the 'welsh clearwing' looks identical to the one I saw. I must admit to having a...
  19. quietone

    The "What is this bug?" thread

    Found this on my red currant bush today. Very interesting, striking colours and the transparent wings, and what looks like feathers at the rear. Only wish I had the ability to take better pictures.
  20. quietone

    Is this the beginning of Chaga?

    I have a question regarding the effectiveness of the chaga, if it's been collected a few years, and not 'fresh' from the birch? Not the tinder side of things, the tonic, health boosting side. Anyone have experience of the taste getting weaker? I know some folks get differing flavours from it...