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  1. ejtrent

    For Sale Wild Country Trisar 2XL

    This is still available! Here are some shots of it all packed up, suprisingly small!
  2. ejtrent

    jb weld on knife blade

    Ive tried lots of different options for chisels for scraping on knife blades and the best I've found is a bevelled piece of G10 so far
  3. ejtrent

    For Sale Trent Knife & Tool (TKT) 'Allen' 4" Field Knife

    Hey all, So this one is a flat scandi in O1 tool steel, tested to 57-58HRC with g10 liners and teak scales. Kydex sheath and dangler style attachment. All made 100% by me in my workshop in Poole, from flat stock to the heat treat to the...
  4. ejtrent

    Hessian “Micarta” clad knife

    Lovely Micarta, what kind of resin did you use?
  5. ejtrent

    A Broader Utility Profile

    More experimenting here, this time with a broader profile knife and a less slicey look
  6. ejtrent

    Tetanus vaccine

    I cut myself often in my line of work but luckily its often with very clean and very sharp steel, I just make sure my wound cleaning is up to par!
  7. ejtrent

    Sold TKT Half tang field knife in g10 and O1

    Sold thanks!
  8. ejtrent

    Show some of your own hand tied flies.

    I tie very simple flies, mostly scuds or grub types, they seem to catch well enough! not very lifelike, though!
  9. ejtrent

    Sold TKT Half tang field knife in g10 and O1

    Hey all! Half tang field knife for sale, O1 steel tested at 59hrc, grey g10 black liners orange spacer. 85mm blade length sabre grind convex microbevel. 2mm and 4mm cf pins Theres been a review of one of my knives here before and theres an interview with me thats just gone up on the site...
  10. ejtrent

    Experimenting with G10

    Hey chaps, thought I'd look at my manmade/synthetic knife scale offering, here is another little blade with g10 scales, Really rather grippy, and of course super durable and waterproof!
  11. ejtrent

    Half tang field knife

    Ended up hand sanding the bevels on this, and both the small and big one are sheathed up and ready to be shipped off to the customer
  12. ejtrent

    Whats the best grind for your ideal bushcraft knife?

    flat with a convexed microbevel
  13. ejtrent

    Half tang 3" pocket fixed blade

    Hello hello, Made another half tang (which has already been snapped up by someone on EM) but thought you guys might appreciate this little fixed blade, ideal for a non threatening bushcraft blade
  14. ejtrent

    Half tang field knife

    Thank you for the kind words :)
  15. ejtrent

    Half tang field knife

    Hello all! Been experimenting with some half tangs, alike Phil Wilson's design, This is the latest go at it, This is hard maple, orange g10 and wenge, O1 at 58HRC wIth a 95mm blade The half tang makes it have a really wonderful balance, a very nimble feeling blade, i've also made it a...
  16. ejtrent

    Nessmuk inspired knife

    Lovely blade shape!
  17. ejtrent

    Sold 75mm/3” half tang pocket fixed blade

    Howdy! Got into making these little EDC sized blades, definitely stout enough for many bushcraft tasks and a lovely horizontal carry as a companion knife if you dont wana carry something heavy. Would work in the kitchen too of course! This one is a half tang, which is inspired by the Phil...
  18. ejtrent

    Trent Knife and Tool (TKT) “Allen Field Knife” Review (pic heavy)

    Thank you so much for the kind words, it's all I want the knife to be for people, a true tool!
  19. ejtrent

    Small EDC fixed blade

    Will be selling these I think, around £90
  20. ejtrent

    Small EDC fixed blade

    I think its just shy of 3 inches, ill double check tomorrow :)