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  1. cranmere

    Swedish Army snow smock

    Length from shoulder to bottom is 88cm/34"
  2. cranmere

    Swedish Army snow smock

    Swedish Army snow smock Appears to be unworn, very good condition. Width across chest is 70cm/27.5" so should fit a fairly large person over plenty of other clothes! I bought this from Endicotts some time ago but have never used it. £25 including UK post
  3. cranmere


    A wig. My hair is very distinctive. I'd be tempted to cheat by pre-preparing the bag/rucksack I intended to use with a stash of cash.
  4. cranmere

    Reading glasses

    I had Lasik laser surgery to correct short sight so I went straight from walking into lamp-posts to needing reading glasses. I do what you do, lots of cheap pairs of reading glasses strewn around the house.
  5. cranmere

    Foot pain

    Going to a podiatrist is good. There are several things I know of that can produce that sort of thing, most common is a cyst.
  6. cranmere

    New wool blanket project.

    Nice work, and your sewing looks fine to me.
  7. cranmere

    Time to start foraging for the weaving and cordage plants.

    The yellow irisis in my pond have done well this year. And I've been saving the leaves from corn cobs which are nice for twined baskets.
  8. cranmere


    They were boasting about the system that was installed in Bristol a few years ago, saying that it was capable of tracking people around a large area of the city centre by using facial recognition software. Plug in a known photograph and Bob's your uncle. I'd be very surprised if the security...
  9. cranmere

    Windows 10

    If you're happy with what you have, don't change. And beware of downloading it because it will then nag you incessantly to install it. You have 12 months (11 now) before you need to make a decision anyway. Personally I'm far too unhappy about some of the security implications of W10 to change...
  10. cranmere

    Canned Bread?

    Pocari Sweat tastes quite good, you find it in most vending machines in Japan. My favourite is the Jamaican soup mix at my local Tesco called Cock Soup. The packaging used to say that it was "just like daddy's" but they changed it.
  11. cranmere

    Food! robust bite-size savory hiking food ideas

    For long cycle trips or triathlons I use tortillas or similar flatbreads to make bite sized rolls. Take a tortilla, trim the edges to make it square. Spread very thinly with something sticky like cream cheese, then a slice of very thin ham and roll it up. Cut into small pieces that you can eat...
  12. cranmere

    What can I do with a piece of lime?

    Strip off the bark in as long strips as you can get. If it's a Tilia cordata the under layer makes fantastic cordage.
  13. cranmere


    I dry a lot of apples, however I have a dehydrator which makes the job easy. You can do it in a normal domestic oven provided you can set the temperature low enough, it needs to be around 50C so that it doesn't actually cook the apples, and a fan oven is much better. Slice the apples to about...
  14. cranmere

    Caterpillar ID

    I have no idea! But if anyone knows a book that shows caterpillers I'd be interested.
  15. cranmere

    So, you think you can get something good and sharp eh?

    I want to know what those blades are made of and how they sharpen them. That's awesome!
  16. cranmere

    A trip I could have done without...

    It's possible that you've severed a small nerve. I did that with a cut on my thumb, it did eventually regain sensation some months later but it itched horribly while it did so. An itch inside the tissue that you can't even scratch is utterly infuriating. My best cuts have all been silly ones...
  17. cranmere

    Picked these up in a french super market.

    Trumpets of Death taste good and if you're foraging they have the advantage of being very difficult to confuse with anything else. They're close relatives of the other ones, the girolles/chanterelles.
  18. cranmere

    So I Did it - Solo Overnighter (Dull report & Pics!)

    That's not a dull report at all, I enjoyed reading it and seeing your photos. It looks like a really nice overnighter.