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  1. J

    Wanted: Rab Alpine Bivi

    Thanks for the offer but after the Alpine specifically, cheers
  2. J

    Wanted: Rab Alpine Bivi

    Hi Anyone have a Rab Alpine Bivi they want to move on? I've got a Barr & Stroud 10x50 Sprite spotting scope or cash for trade..... Cheers Mark
  3. J

    See threads pending approval?

    Indeed :) Thread has appeared now anyway... Cheers!
  4. J

    See threads pending approval?

    Thanks, it doesn't appear in my profile section, will give it a while then repost i guess....cheers
  5. J

    See threads pending approval?

    Hi, I posted a new thread in the out and about section yesterday morning, on posting said it needed to be approved. How long does that process normally take? I'm now questioning myself as to whether I actually posted it or not, can I see threads pending approval anywhere? Cheers Mark
  6. J

    Elite Survival Training - Solitude Challenge

    Hi All, A few weeks ago I did this 24 hour survival challenge: de Nothing too taxing as you get water and food but a good opportunity to build a shelter and stay in it overnight. I did a bit of filming and...
  7. J

    MCQBushcraft - Introduction to Bushcraft series

    Just to bring this back on topic :) I've been a subscriber to Mike's channel for a while and really enjoy the videos, not only the Bushcraft ones but also the hunting stuff of which I know nothing. Good to get an insight into how people who are able to go about it, though I'm not sure anyone...
  8. J

    Hand forged Firesteel kit's

    Hi Milius, Mine arrived's a great little kit, got a bit of charred cloth lit in no time! Looking forward to getting a proper fire going with it! Cheers Mark
  9. J

    Hand forged Firesteel kit's

    Hi, could I have one of the kits please? Cheers Mark
  10. J

    Where to camp. (campsite)

    Hi Kitz, Bit further than an hour I think but I would recommend I went there in October to do exactly the same thing as you and it was perfect; friendly, good spots for hammocking, can light a fire and they do courses if you are interested. Few pictures...
  11. J

    Hi from Buckinghamshire

    Hi Everyone, Been a member on here a while but have just been lurking and soaking up some of the great info, thought it about time I introduced myself. Been into the outdoors, bushcrafty camping stuff since I was a kid but with a full time job, wife, two young children and too many hobbies...