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  1. johnboe522

    Apprenticeships going

    I am looking for some Apprentices to work and learn with Wildway Bushcraft. We are Based in Hampshire and Dorset. This will be part time when we have courses or events ect. We can pay travel and supply kit at trade prices. We will teach you all the skills and teaching methods with a aim of you...
  2. johnboe522

    New YouTube Channel Feedback

    Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you all. Would any of you be kind enough to checkout our new Youtube videos, there are only 3 at the moment but I would really love some feed back. Here is the link . Thank you in advance...
  3. johnboe522

    Sabre 45 modfications HELP!

    I cant find a pack that suits me, I have the Sabre 45, but hate using the side pouches as its to wide. I want a 45ltr pack that has small pouches on so i can section off my kit. The bag needs to be big enough to do a long weekend trip yet small enough to double as a day sack once I am in the...
  4. johnboe522

    full member

    anyone know what the score with the full membership is? I paid to join a week or so ago and nothing has changed.
  5. johnboe522

    December Wildway Bushcraft Meet

    Hello Everyone, For those that dont know me my name is John Boe, I run Wildway Bushcraft on the Dorset / Hampshire boarder (New Forest) I would like to invite you to a weekend in the woods with me on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December. As way of a christmas gathering, it would be nice to...
  6. johnboe522

    Instructor needed this weekend Sat 30th

    Not sure if this is the right place MOD if not please move and let me know for future. I need a staff member for this Saturday 30th of May. Must be able to process large game IE Deer, to a group, be confident and not take yourself to seriously. The site is Romsey near Southhampton...
  7. johnboe522

    Responsible Bushcraft

    Just wrote this blog on responsible bushcraft, would be great to get some feed back from you guys if at all possible. Thanks in advance. JB
  8. johnboe522

    Custom blade wanted

    Can anyone recommend a good knife maker that does not have a huge lead time? I want to get a knife made but everyone I have tried so far seems a bit flaky.
  9. johnboe522

    Weekend Course offer

    Its our Birthday! We are running a weekend course on the 29th,30th,31st of May at a discounted price of £100 in our new woods in the New Forest. We have 6 places left. Any questions please ask. Thanks John
  10. johnboe522

    Wildway Bushcraft Canoe trip - Scotland

    Hello and Merry Christmas, Wildway are running a 5 day Great Glen Canoe trail on the 3rd to 7th of Aug. It is currently on offer for half price £227.50 from £455. The last course we ran people asked about it. We...
  11. johnboe522

    course help needed

    Hi I am after a camp helper for tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday would be great as well! Its in Dorset DT10 2AY. I will feed you for the weekend and you can stay in the woods and come away with some beer money as well. Must be fit and able to carry stuff a small distance to the site on the...
  12. johnboe522

    Hand made items

    Hello, Not sure where to put this so if its in the wrong place please move it. I am looking for hand made quality bushcraft related items to stock on Wildway Bushcraft. There is a new website in the offing and we have the ability to sell items. Now I don't want this to become a...
  13. johnboe522

    Deer and Archery course BCUK Offer

    Hi everyone, I am putting on another Deer and Archery day on Sunday the 5th of Oct. The last one was attended by folk on here and it was a great day. Normal cost £80 it will be £50 for any BCUK member. Hope to...
  14. johnboe522

    Weekend Bushcraft Course BCUK Offer

    Hi all, I am running a Weekend Bushcraft course on the 7th 8th and 9th of Nov. Some guys on here have already been on it so I thought I would offer it out to others. The course costs £160 but with the BCUK discount you guys can attend for £95 if you like. Hope to meet you in Nov...
  15. johnboe522

    Deer in a day course BCUK Offer

    Hi folks, We are offering a Deer in a day course on the 25th of Aug. The course will cover Deer Skinning, Butchering and cooking, (loads of juice steak!) We will also be doing some archery in the woods so you can have a go at shooting a Deer (the deer is already dead guys!) It will be...
  16. johnboe522

    Bushcraft Vs Survival

    Hi folks, Just thought I would share my thoughts on bushcraft vs survival. Would be great to get your thoughts on the blog post, Please feel free to leave comments! Cheers JB
  17. johnboe522

    Knife Competition

    Hi Folks Just thought i would let you know you stand a chase of winning a brand new knife from our friends here in dorset. Its a Facebook comp not sure if people use it on here but it might interest some. If not no worries!! Link is here...
  18. johnboe522

    Leather work commission

    Hi all, I am looking to get a tool roll made for my sharps, it would be great if it could incorporate my bushcraft school logo. Wildway Bushcraft. Does anyone know of a good guy on here that could help?
  19. johnboe522

    DD 3x3 Review

    Just a little link to a DD 3x3 Tarp Review: Hope you like it.
  20. johnboe522

    Skill Share and Meet Dorset

    Hi All, I will be organising a meet and skill share in my woods in Dorset. Just a chance to get together round the fire and chill for the weekend. If there is enough interest I will let you all know some dates but it will be after the moot maybe the beginning of Sep. Let me know. This...